Grip of Fools

The mob at MXDC Cocina Mexicana restaurant, that accosted Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen last night, was the Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists of America, a mindless ideology, which is a magnet for mindless followers, AKA useful idiots, as Lenin referred to his adherents.

Because the Socialist/Communist dogma is based on feeling, as opposed to thinking, its followers are unable to articulate an argument, which leaves them with the only method they have to redress a perceived injustice; mob rule. They can’t compete in the arena of ideas, so they shout down, threaten, and intimidate anyone with whom they disagree. Well aware that ‘useful idiots’ would have to function with limited facility, Marx, Lenin, and Alinsky left “playbooks” for them to follow, and last night’s demonstration was right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” handbook.

These gangs are made up of ‘volunteer idiots’ and ‘recruited idiots’. After they carry out an assignment, they pick up their checks from George Soros, Van Jones, Bernie Sanders, Obama’s Shadow Government, or whoever is paying, and retreat to the two bedroom apartment where all thirty of them live, or individually, go back to Mom and Dad’s basement.


Nancy Pelosi on Trump’s Executive Order

Nancy Pelosi said, “We’re not going to let the President get away with this. We were blind-sided. We planned on using his no toleration policy against him all the way up to the midterms, then he pulled this Executive Order stunt, and that’s all it is, it’s just a stunt. Now we have nothing to campaign on. We were not expecting this kind of double cross. It’s not fair. Hopefully we can find a judge who will quash the President’s order, and mandate that migrant kids be taken from their parents. It’s almost like if you burned down your enemy’s house and then found out he had moved ….or wasn’t home….or uh wasn’t there, you know what I mean. I’ll just leave you with this; I feel more like I do now than I did before.”

Who Is Fonda Peter Fonda Since Peter Flipped Out?

As Rafael Madcow would say, “There’s nothing more revolting than a flipped out Peter.” Poor Peter, he has needed professional treatment for quite some time. His problems date back to his childhood. His schoolmates didn’t refer to him as Peter Fonda, they teased him and said, “He’s Fonda Peter.” That used to bother his father, Henry, who would be heard saying, “I wish kids would stop making fun of my Peter.” Jane would always jump in and say, “Dad, there is nothing wrong with your Peter.” That haunts Peter to this day. Well, Peter finally flipped out. He joined the First Church of Divine Hate and Pious Trump Repudiation, and that put him over the top. He’s in a terminal stage of Trump Derangement Syndrome, which can cause violent behavior. We now have a worked-up Peter on our hands. I’m not sure what happens when the word “interdiction’ is cloven with a flipped out, worked-up Peter, but this Peter is sick and needs professional help.

Chuck Schumer on Migrant’s Children

This just in………
Chuck Schumer said, at today’s press conference, “Right now we have the Republicans right where we want them. The President’s policy of taking migrant children away from their parents is evil, but it’s going to be good for our party in November. If there is an effort by the President, or by Congress, to change their policy, and keep the migrant families together, we will fight them tooth and nail. We demand that they continue to rip babies from their mothers’ arms. It’s important for the American voters to see how cruel the Republicans are. We will filibuster any bill they try to put up that would keep these families together. If President Trump attempts to rectify this problem by Executive Order, we will file suit immediately. We want the immigrants and their children to suffer and wallow in misery for another 4 plus months, all the way up to Election Day. How else will the voters know which party really cares about the welfare of the immigrants and their precious children?”
G. David Howard, Editor Fake News Network

Disarm the Dems, Take Away Their Hammer

The Dems are not going to stop demonizing Trump over his zero tolerance immigration enforcement. They will obstruct any legislation that could solve the problem. Their interest is not in the children. Their only interest is winning in the mid-term elections. They would rather see the migrant families suffer for another several months than to solve the problem now, and lose the only hammer they have.

I say, “President Trump, the Dems are going to continue to obstruct, but you can take their hammer away and render them impotent, without actually backing down. Mr. President, you can quiet the people without passing new legislation.”

Border Patrol should detain the illegals, without arresting them or charging them with a crime, and transport them to the nearest legal Point of Entry. There are 35 legal Points of Entry along our southern border, so they wouldn’t have to be transported a great distance. The Points of Entry are overloaded and they would have to wait their turn, but they would eventually be legally processed, which would be better than arresting them, overloading our court system, and separating children from their parents. Just sayin’……

The Dems and the Democramedia Are Deceitful Bastards

They showed photos of immigrant kids being held in a cage as an example of the cruelty of the Trump Administration.  They said the pics prove that Trump is a mean, uncaring and hateful person, unfit to be President.

The photos they showed were taken in 2014 during the Obama Administration, but many Dems and the Democramedia are choosing to ignore that little fact, and have nothing bad to say about the Phantom who served as our one and only Stealth President.

Are Dems in Violation of the First Amendment?

I was watching today’s hearings in the House of Representatives, and shocked to see leaders from The First Church of Divine Hate and Pious Repudiation were allowed to represent their Church and speak at a Congressional Hearing. What about the separation of church and state? High ranking members from the congregation of The First Church of Divine Hate and Pious Repudiation, Elder Cummings and Bishop Schiff, were front and center, along with Deacon Conyers and Brother Hank Johnson, who demanded that the House floor be seated with equal numbers of people on each side of the aisle to assure that Capitol Hill wouldn’t fall over. Brother Johnson had Deacon Conyers crawling on the floor with a level. While he was down there he found a pair of his Dad’s pants.