‘SOMETHING’ is causing a lot of rancor

‘SOMETHING’ used to be a benign, non-descript, non-specific word and ‘SOME’ has always been indeterminate, unspecified, and innocuous.  Not any more.  Jihadist Ilhan Omar said, “SOME people did SOMETHING”, in describing what happened on 9-11, but she failed to add, “Don’t quote me on that.” 

President Trump later tweeted SOMETHING which was a verbatim quote of Jihadist Omar’s statement.  Now, according to the Queen of Happy Hour, the Bronx Einstein, Trump’s Tweet is endangering the life of Jihadist Omar.  Please note; it’s Trump’s Tweet, not what Jihadist Omar said, but Trump’s Tweet that has made people angry at Omar.   It is of no consequence that the media reported what she said, because they know how to quote a quote.  Trump doesn’t give good quote. 

Now isn’t that something?



Professor Lefty Numbnutz, Democrat Communist Party advisor, declared that all Trump supporters are racists.  He went on to say all those who oppose the Democrat Communist Party are racists, as well.

The 20 Demcoms running for president agree with Numbnutz, as do all the ersatz journalists in the meanstreak media. 

STUPID PEOPLE UNITE (Srupid Populum Jonjungit)  

Professor Lefty Numbnutz, strategist for the Democrat Communist Party, outlined a new scheme; since his Russia- Collusion hoax failed, they must label Trump a ‘racist’.

Professor Numbnutz is a busy guy. In addition to being the top strategist for the Communists, Lefty also serves as advisor to most of the major ‘news’ organizations, sits on the governing boards of many elite colleges and universities, and counsels the Communists as to which ‘useful idiot’ students they should nominate for Rhodes Scholarships.

His main focus is to make sure all the Communists, i.e., Democrat/Socialists, talking heads at the major networks, and the commies in academia all have identical ‘talking points’. Since ‘collusion’ failed, they’re desperate to now label Trump a ‘racist’ and a ‘white nationalist’. Professor Numbnutz said these two labels must be used to describe Trump every time his name is mentioned, even though he has never taken any action that could be considered a racist act. Communists believe Nazi Joseph Goebbels was right when he said, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”; a propaganda method used by Communists Lenin and Marx, and implemented today by the media, Hollywood fools, and other spokespersons for the Democrat Communists.

Tune them in and listen to the puppets.  Stupid people have united.

P.S. I’m sure stupid people and most dumbasses will have an issue with this post.
G Spot Satire



Rep. Maxine Waters challenged bank executives, during a Wednesday morning hearing, about the student loan crisis.

The CHAIRWOMAN of the committee that oversees student loans was ignorant of the fact that student loans were nationalized in 2010, taking banks out of the equation. Really? And she’s in charge of that committee? Oh my, that’s about as smart as putting Dan Quayle in charge of a spelling bee.

That’s right! The ‘HEAD HONCHO’ of the House Financial Services Committee thought the bank executives had some ‘splaining to do. Well, they did. They ‘splained to the boss lady that they aren’t in the student loan business and haven’t been for more than a decade.

Maxine’s got some catchin’ up to do.


A psychological disorder, such as insanity, can be caused by pain, extreme biases, excessive crying, and the shock of an unexpected outcome, to mention a few causes. When suffering the pain of losing, many people become topdogaphobes, developing a deep hatred of the victor.

Topdogaphobia can cause people to go completely insane. The proof of acute mental disorders can be seen in former Democrats, who have become Socialists and believe it would be a good idea to convert to an ideology that has always failed. Hence, the definition of insanity; ‘trying the same thing over again, expecting a different result’.

Just listen to them. Playdoh O’Dork, Senator Wahoo, Spartacus, the Bronx Einstein, Pothead Harris, Plugs Biden, and Loonie Bernie, et al. Half the country is nuts, so the Socialists will be pandering to their fellow wackos. Nobody knows exactly how many nut jobs or registered wackos there are. Polling is almost impossible because most of these fruitcakes won’t admit they’re wackos, and they don’t want to be identified as stupid.

Conservatives beware: We may be outnumbered by Wackos and Dumbasses; the Socialists’ base.
G Spot Satire

Einstein’s New Theory of Negativity

The Bronx Einstein, best known for her Theory of Naivety (N=aoc²), has introduced her new Theory of Negativity (N=aoc³), which she believes is the main reason Republicans don’t like her.   She thinks Republicans are negative about everything.   What she doesn’t understand is that we’re only negative toward things we know are bad for us.

Hello Einstein, anybody home?  Republicans don’t like you because you’re a danger to the country and an unrelenting moron that won’t shut up.  Stupid people should be quiet and listen.  If you shut up and listen, you might learn a little something.   You run your mouth so much there’s not enough air to allow your ears, or your brain, to function.   You, my dear, are a SHIT, id est, a Sanctimonious Hedonistic Imperious Thug.  Take a breath for crissakes!  You’re starting to get on people’s nerves.

Einstein’s Theory of Naivety (N=aoc²)

The Bronx Einstein, best known for her Theory of Naivety (N=aoc²), has progressed from Climate Change Hoaxee to Climate Change Hoaxer.

Some of the Climate Change Evangelists are perpetrators of the hoax, which is a socialist ploy to establish government control over EVERYTHING. The perpetrators of the climate change hoax are also active Hoaxers, conning those who won’t take the time to research the subject into accepting the Gospel of Anthropogenic Climate Change. I call these folks, Hoaxees. Eventually, many of the most naïve Hoaxees become Hoaxers. Hence, the Bronx Einstein, using her Theory of Naivety (N=aoc²), is preaching the Green New Deal Sermon. She will be anointed next week as Right Reverend Alexandria in the First Church of Blind Faith in Climate Change, with Brother Spartacus and Sister Kirsten officiating.
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