Build a new rat trap and the world will ………..

I think Ukraine should establish an emergency airbase adjacent to the Polish border, and an armored and infantry military base, also on the border, where they stage all of their long-range weaponry.  An airstrip could be built in a matter of hours, if not days.  Would Russia dare attack such a location and risk an errant missile or howitzer hitting Poland, bringing NATO forces to the fore?  I doubt it. 

There may be some good reason they cannot do this, but if there isn’t, I say, get busy, get it done, and say, “Check!  Your move, Putin.  Take your best shot.  Poland has our back.”


Multiculturalism, Diversity, Political Correctness, BLM, ANTIFA, WOKE, White Supremacy hoax, systemic racism hoax, Dumbassism, et al, spawn tribalism and division, pitting one group against another.

These things are extremely pernicious; they are malignant farcinomas that must be eradicated; the scourges of our society. They can’t be treated, or phased out; they must be excised from our society and vocabulary, post haste. Dumb things like ‘Hate Crimes’, sexism, and hyphenated Americans, etc.

The American Indians’ tribalism is a great example of how vulnerable a civilization can be when it is not united.  In the 15th and 16th centuries the Pequots were warring with the Narragansett and Mohegan tribes, and in the Southwest, the Pueblos, the Navajo, and Apache were killing each other. The Hopis, Zunis, Piros, and Tewas fought with one another, ad Infinitum.  If they had been united, who knows what the outcome would have been; their division made them less than formidable opponents.

My book, “Half of America Is Nuts and They’re Allowed to Vote” is facetiously subtitled “The Need for a Group for Groupless People”; sarcasm to the extreme. Groups have been formed to protect the “most vulnerable” among us, which is idiocy at its highest level because the most vulnerable and least protected among us is the individual, but group rights trump individual rights. So, the folks who “really care” and are dedicated to protecting the rights of the tribes have “groups” that slap the ever-living snot out of the ‘most vulnerable, i.e., the individual. Just sayin’……………..

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Dumbass Epiphany Cost Dems Dearly

Notwithstanding the COVID Pandemic, the Epidemics of Insanity and Dumbassism have nearly wrecked our country in just 9 months. So, what’s happening, now? Well, the insane folks are still wacko Communists, but many of the so-called Dumbasses were only ersatz Dumbasses. They were simply misguided and misinformed Democrats who involuntarily got sucked into the vortices of WOKE, BLM, ANTIFA, the American Socialist Party, and the Democrat Party. The “Ersatz Dumbasses” had an epiphany and suddenly realized they’re smart enough to be Republicans.

The Democrats are stronger when they have full complements of authentic Dumbasses and Wackos. The Dems will pull out all the stops to rebuild their Wacko Dumbass Base.

You’ll be getting a robo call like this:“If you are a dumbass or certifiably insane, you qualify to be a Registered Democrat. Register today by calling 800-IMA-FOOL and receive a complimentary copy of Mao’s Little Red Book, a Registered Democrat Voter ID card, and a ream of 2022 absentee ballots.”

Challenge to Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey said, “We have to say yes to socialism, to the word and everything.”   

Attention Socialists; take the pledge and walk the walk; put your money where your mouth is.

I’m glad he chose the “we” pronoun, instead of “you”.  If that’s what the socialists want, have at it.  Just leave the rest of us out of it.  Don’t force your ideology on those of us who are diametrically opposed to it!  

Okay, Dumb and Dumber, here is a condensed introduction to Socialism for Dummies.  Please sign and DM back to me.

United States of America Socialist Compact

I, Jim Carrey, am a bona fide Socialist, and a member of the American Socialist party.  I will receive free health care and free education.  

I will adhere to the Socialist Doctrine; therefore, I waive my right to free speech and vow to forfeit the rest of my rights in the Constitution of the United States of America.  I acknowledge that there will be a one hundred percent sur charge on my personal tax obligations, and I agree to pay double price for all my purchases.  The compact will dictate my thermostat setting, acceptable light bulbs for my home, my diet, what kind of car to buy, air pressure in my tires, and how many miles per year I will be allowed to drive, etc.  I will share my assets and earnings with the compact.

I agree that no one will be forced to join the Socialist Compact; the only members will be those of us who are true Socialists, and we must lead by example.  Proponents of free speech, gun rights, liberty, capitalism, and free enterprise need not apply.


Jim Carrey

P.S. Please share this with Michael Moore, and the rest of your Commie Hollywood pals.

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Archers Beware

A man armed with a bow and arrow killed five people and injured two others in what was called a “gruesome” attack at a small town in Norway.

In the U. S., plans are already underway to control the purchase of these lethal weapons, including quiver capacity.  The Bronx Einstein, AKA Happy Hour Sandy, wants to allow only small quivers that will hold no more than three arrows.   She went on to say purchasers must apply for a Bow and Arrow license and submit to a background check.   I currently have a Slingshot license, so I may forgo a Bow and Arrow license.

VP Cackle Hack said she would consider issuing concealed carry permits for bows and arrows, as long as the bows are unstrung.  She also suggested that anyone carrying a bow and arrow in public should wear an orthopedic elbow brace that would prevent elbows from bending more than sixty-five degrees.  Pee Wee Herman will probably oppose that restriction.

A spokesperson for the ATF said they will submit a comprehensive plan on maximum arrow size and draw weight of bows.  They will also be looking closely at Dacron twine purchases, and renaming their department, ATFBA.

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Leftists talking in D.C.

Overheard at Horse Feathers

Horse Feathers Bar and Grill is a favorite watering hole of the leftists and the woke in D.C.  Comrades Ima Phoole and Yusfel Dunce were talking about the condition of the country.

Ima Phoole said, “I’m not sure we should have cheated for this guy in the White House.”

Yusfel Dunce moaned, “Yeah, I hauled three hundred and fifty-thousand ballots from Long Island to Philadelphia, and what did it get us?  A big mess, that’s what!”

Ima Phoole complained, “No one told us he’s a demented dumbass.  I wouldn’t have helped to steal the election if had known that.”

Yusfel Dunce explained, “Well, I wasn’t actually for this guy, I was just against the other guy.  But now this dumbass is costing me twenty dollars more to fill my tank and fifty dollars a week more for groceries.”

Ima Phoole said, “Seems like a pretty steep price to pay, just to get rid of some mean Tweets.”

Yusfel Dunce opined, “Well, it’s taking us on a clear path to communism, so I guess it’s worth it.”

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When will the madness end?

The City Council in Insane Asylum, California has imposed stringent employment laws on all businesses in the city. In order to assure complete diversity and wokeness, all businesses in Insane Asylum are mandated to meet strict quota requirements as directed by the newly formed Insane Asylum Department of Diversity and Wokeness, which is headed by retired Army Colonel Ima D. Lemma.  Col Ima D. Lemma is a Lesbian Transgender Schizophrenic African-American Muslim with Attention Deficit Disorder, which made her the perfect choice to lead the new department.

In order to comply with the new ordinance in Insane Asylum, businesses are posting help wanted signs, and placing classified ads that would be considered tasteless were it not in the name of diversity.  For example, one drug store needs two illegal Mexican druggists, a local restaurant, whose staff is too diverse, has a sign in the window that says, “NOW HIRING STRAIGHT CAUCASIANS”.   A used car dealer in Insane Asylum just hired a blind night watchman, a fast food restaurant is looking for one black lesbian cook, and the city is advertising for a dyslexic librarian.   After a number of customers complained that a local gay bar has too many straight employees, the owner posted a sign in the window saying, “NOW HIRING LESBIANS FOR DYKE NITES and QUEERS FOR ALL U CAN EAT CRAB NITES”.

G. David Howard

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Is A Scumbag

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis is a lying scumbag just like MSM propagandists.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis may have been auditioning for a job with MSM by demonstrating he can take any incident and bend it to fit the Left’s narrative.  Just as the self-defined “journalists”on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC, Trantalis purported to know things he didn’t know and reported them, with reckless abandon, as facts.  A terrorist attack against the LGBT community? He didn’t know that, but as a good Democrat he was hoping like hell it was done by a white supremacist homophobe wearing a MAGA hat. 

Without any evidence, he concluded the incident was “no accident”, that it was, in fact, “deliberate” and “premeditated”.  He had no way of actually knowing if any of that was true, but eager to report all of it as fact, just like the talking head propagandists in the MSM do every day.

Here are the Mayor’s exact words.

“This is a terrorist attack against the LGBT community,” Trantalis told WPLG.   “This is exactly what it is.  Hardly an accident.  It was deliberate, it was premeditated, and it was targeted against a specific person.  Luckily they missed that person, but unfortunately, they hit two other people.”

It turns out the driver of the tuck is a member of the LGBTQ community, and it was simply an accident.

BHO’s Third Term

Is a Third Term U. S. Presidency Possible?

BHO’s ‘Third Term’ was thwarted by Trump’s unexpected victory in 2016, but that was only a hiccup in his quest to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” into a Marxist country.  For 2021 he only needed a mindless puppet in the Oval Office, and in the event the puppet were to become inoperable and unable to continue the charade, he would need a backup plan; an empty headed fool in position to replace the empty suit in the White House.  Enter VP Minnehaha, or Miss Giggles, as her sycophants call her.

During his first two terms, BHO divided the country by pitting Americans against each other, right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook; blacks against whites, the poor versus the non-poor, thug rights, criminals against cops, employees against employers, tribal rights trumping individual rights, Academia v. America, all white people are racists, etc.  (By the way, calling all white people racists is a direct contradiction of how he got elected twice.)  He is continuing on the same path in his ‘Third Term’ in office.

The Pandemic was Manna for the Dems because they needed a crisis in order to defeat Trump.  They and their cast of media comrades, along with a fraudulent, incompetent, Trump hating, Communist loving Doctor to spread doom and gloom, took full advantage of the ‘opportunity’, according to Rep. Cliburn, that COVID 19 laid in their lap.

With the Pandemic in their rear-view mirror, the Dems needed another crisis.  They were between crises, so they invented ‘Systemic Racism’, which they claimed caused racial inequality.  After some push back, they were forced to acknowledge that all Americans do indeed have equal opportunity, so inequality had to be changed to inequity, ergo, demand for reparations and more; hence, another crisis in the making. 

Less than six months into his ‘Third Term’, BHO is systematically dismantling our country and isn’t nearly finished.  By allowing, actually encouraging, unfettered access through our southern border he has dissolved America’s autonomy and is creating millions of new Democrat voters.  The illegal immigrants will get a Social Security card and a photo ID Driver License, which is all they will need to cast a ballot.

The outcome of the midterm elections November 8, 2022 will determine the future of our country.  If Republicans manage to take control of the House and the Senate, they may be able to mount a defense against the Marxist insurrection (transformation), being conducted by BHO, and hold them off until the 2024 Presidential Election.

Side Note. The elections, from this day forward, should be done the old-fashioned way; hand-counted paper ballots, sans computers.  We need to eliminate digital voting and wide spread, unlimited mail-in voting, which overwhelms the system and is rife with cheating.  We must take cheaters, thugs, and computer hacks out of the equation, as much as possible.

The bottom line, in my opinion: it’s all about BHO, not Three Degrees Joe.  Joe wouldn’t know what day it is without flash cards or a teleprompter.  He told Putin what’s what and that’s that!  He thinks he talked to Putin, but he’s not sure what he said, exactly.  He probably said something like, “Here’s the deal, man.  And I mean that.  You need to….uh…., you know what I’m sayin’.  C’mon man, you know, fossil fuel and grass mowing, same thing.  They go hand in hand.  It’s like when a chicken lays an egg.  You know.  You get my drift.  And you can take that to the bank.  My word is my bonnet.”


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Stupid People United Against Smart People

Stupid People Embrace Socialism/Marxism  – Smart People Embrace Capitalism

A host of stupid people have formed a support group for the Socialists (Marxists), called SPUASP (Stupid People United Against Smart People).  Research teams estimate there may be as many as 85M dumbasses in the country.  AOC is fearful that if SPUASP gets as many as 10M Registered Dumbasses, they will pull votes from the Socialist/Marxist Party because most of the Socialists (Marxists) are Registered Dumbasses. 

Bernie Sanders is meeting with Hyphen Cortez in an effort to amalgamate SPUASP, Dumbasses of America, and the Socialists to avoid creating a third party, which would split the Stupid vote and the Dumbass vote. 

A new party of stupid people would weaken the Socialists (Marxists).   Of the estimated 85M stupid people in the U. S., nearly all of them vote Democrat.   If a substantial percentage of them register with a competing party of stupid people, it will hurt the Socialists. because they’re counting on strong support from stupid people like Pelosi, Behar, Don Lemon, Michael Moore, and former comedians Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel.  Their slogan is “Dumbasses Unite! Make America Stupid!”

The Socialists (Marxists) are looking at possible presidential candidates for the 2024 election.   They’re not talking to the Pantsuit Queen, but they’ve had conversations with ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi, M. Peach Waters, Raphael Madcow, Spartacus Booker, Wahoo Warren, Screamin’ Howard Dean, Pouting John Kasich, and Al ‘The Enunciator’ Sharpton.  The Enunciator believes he has the support of the majority of  stupid people.  Of course it will depend on who George Soros picks.