Democrat Voter Registration Drive

Notice to all Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, and Communists who are not yet registered Democrats. You can pick up Democrat forms and literature at your Local Union Hall, any College or University Administrative Office, your Local School Board, and most Government offices.  DNC satellite offices are conveniently located in the lobby at most newspaper offices and in the studio of any CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, or ABC affiliate.

Unidad de registro de votantes demócratas.
Aviso a todos los liberales, progresistas, socialistas y comunistas que aún no son demócratas registrados.
Puede recoger formularios y literatura demócrata en su Local Union Hall, cualquier oficina administrativa de la universidad o la universidad, su junta escolar local y la mayoría de las oficinas gubernamentales.  
Las oficinas satélite de DNC están convenientemente ubicadas en el vestíbulo de la mayoría de las oficinas de periódicos y en el estudio de cualquier afiliada de CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC o ABC.
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The Dems are all Schiff-faced

The current talk of impeachment has absolutely nothing to do with a phone call, the Ukraine, the Bidens, or a whistle-blower; the decision to impeach Donald Trump was made in November 2016, long before any of this stuff ever happened.

Watching two-bit actors like Adam Schiff and Lying Squaw explain the importance of integrity is hilarious.  It’s like if De Niro were to say, “Sons-of-bitches like Trump and the motherf***ers who support him should shut their f***ing mouths and stop f***ing cussing so much.”

Equally funny, is watching ersatz journalists, and/or commie pundits, not only parse a sentence, but actually try to parse a word.

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The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is Schiff-faced

The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is Schiff-faced and so is the Speaker of the House.

Adam Schiff lost a lot of face over claims he had “hard evidence” of Trump/Russia collusion when he didn’t. He lost more face when he read a fake report of the Trump/Zalensky transcript. Now he’s losing more face over his prior knowledge of, and possible collusion with, the Ukraine Whistle Blower. He is completely Schiff-faced. Every time he comes on camera, he’s Schiff-faced. I think Nancy and Quid Pro Joe may get a little Schiff-faced now and then, as well. Hell, most of D.C. is Schiff-faced.
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It’s not a coincidence the Dem’s mascot is a Jackass

What did Adam Schiff say yesterday?   In essence, what Adam Schiff really said is this:

We Democrats have been unable to accept the fact that we lost in 2016.  We are demonstrably pissed off about it and hate Donald Trump with a passion. We have never hated anyone as much as we hate this President.   We believe the people who voted for Trump are despicable racists, losers, and basically, a bunch of dumbasses stinking up Walmarts; and we hate them too.  

We must remove this President from office and overturn the 2016 election, before he can do any more good things for the country.   

We are dishonest, dishonorable people with no scruples.  We’re willing to lie, willing to cheat, frame, forge documents, and make stuff up; whatever it takes, truth be damned.   We will stop at nothing.

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Are you with the party of positive results or the Party of Hate?

The Mainstream Media, Democrat Socialists, and other proponents of malevolent spite, worship at the altars of The Church of Divine Hate and Pious Repudiation and The Tabernacle of Climate Change and Blind Faith. Their odious burden is wearing them down. Subordinate hate groups require hate target assignments, high dudgeon rallies, and daily talking points. Coordinating that sheer volume of hate leaves them little time for useful planning.
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Attention Impeachaholics!

Jerrold Nadler and Maxine Waters, along with a host of Democrat Socialists and Media Activists, suffer from OCIS (Obsessive Compulsive Impeachment Syndrome), a psychosomatic illness, commonly referred to as Impeachaholism. Most susceptible to the OCIS condition are (a) people with no sense of fair play (b) sore losers (c) hate-filled partisans (d) people who refuse to lose (e) thugs (f) people in late stages of TDS and (g) people who have never heard of Edmond Hoyle.

I know it’s unacceptable to laugh at demented people, but I can’t watch these folks without cracking up. Does that make me a bad person?

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NY Times – Brett Kavanaugh guilty of doing something to someone sometime.

Monday, September 16, 2019
NY Times – Brett Kavanaugh guilty of doing something to someone sometime.

Beto O’Rourke has evidence that will be sufficient to impeach Justice Kavanaugh, or force him to step down. O’Rourke told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell there’s a Yale alum who is willing to swear Kavanaugh did something inappropriate to someone, sometime during his years at Yale.

Cory Booker said, “This is a game changer. It goes to prove Kavanaugh is unfit to serve on the Supreme Court.”
Joe Scarborough said, “We’re not the least bit surprised. Mika and I knew the truth would eventually come out.”
Elizabeth Warren was exuberant, saying, “This is exactly the kind of bombshell we’ve been waiting for.”
Joe Biden remained stoic, simply saying, “I thought something like this would have come out back when President Obama appointed him, but it’s like the old adage in the Second Amendment about firing a 12 gauge when you’re standing on a skateboard. Have you ever seen a duck hunter on a skateboard? That’s what I mean, man.”
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