The ANTIFA fools are just as sick as the KKK fools

The ANTIFA fools are just as twisted as the KKK and the rest of the bigots. To hate anyone because of their race is evil, and it’s just as evil to hate someone because they have a different point of view. Unfortunately that’s where we are in today’s America. President Trump was right when he said there were “bad people on both sides” in Charlottesville. But the Trump Haters rebuttal is, “Yeah, but your bad people are worse than our bad people, so our bad people don’t count. Nanananana!” Trump Haters are a lot like fourth graders arguing on the playground.


Fake News, False Narratives and Suspicious Operatives – Re: Charlottesville, Virginia

President Trump has been chastised for saying ‘many sides were at fault’, and there were ‘good people on both sides’. 

He was also called out for saying one group had a permit and the other didn’t.   It’s true, even though “amoebae journalists” are saying it was not true.  Here’s the truth of the matter:  The despicable White Nationalists had a permit, via court order, to demonstrate at Emancipation Park, but the ANTIFA alt-left group did not; they had a permit to demonstrate a few miles away at McGuffey Park and Justice Park; no permit for Emancipation Park.  I don’t know who made the decision for the alt-left group to leave their permitted sites and go to Emancipation Park, but it was obvious they were organized, weaponized, had battle helmets, protective shields, and came there looking for a fight.  That’s what they get paid to do.

This whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test.  Three of the most despicable groups in the country, i.e., the neo-Nazis, the KKK, and the White Supremacists were led by Jason Kessler, a hard-core left-wing Obama supporter, and that certainly doesn’t pass the smell test.  The alt-left extremist group of Socialists/Fascists was organized by Walt Heinecke, an associate professor at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education.  So, one side was made up of a horde of racist, hate mongering scum, being manipulated by an Obama leftie, along with a handful of ‘well-meaning patriots’, who simply wanted to preserve the statue.  The other side was made up of mind-numbed Fascists (who are also socialists), led by a radical academic, all claiming to be anti-fascists.  Just like the neo-Nazis, the KKK, and the White Supremacists, they are also fueled by hate.  They hate everyone who doesn’t agree with them, and are extremely violent.  Can you say UC Berkeley?

No group could be more abhorrent than the neo-Nazis, the KKK, and the White Supremacists group, but the other side isn’t going to be awarded angel wings any time soon, either.

Obama and his shadow government, along with George Soros, and media filled with as much hate as all of the Charlottesville groups combined, are dedicated to bringing the Trump Presidency down.   It looked like a setup to me.  That’s just my take.

You know the media folks are not uneducated people.  They’re not devoid of reading comprehension skills, yet they continue to report that President Trump either said things he didn’t say, or took positions he didn’t take.  They know he never said there were “nice Nazis” or “good Nazis, and they know he did not advance a premise of “moral equivalency” between the neo-Nazis and the alt-left, but they continue to report these things as facts.  When he said there were “good people on both sides”, he was referring, on the right, to that handful of ‘well-meaning patriots’ who were simply opposed to the removal of historic statues.  They were a separate group from the racist groups.  I have no idea who he might have been referring to as ‘good people’, within the ANTIFA group.

A great example of how far the media folks are willing to stretch in an effort to throw some stink on President Trump was done by Wolf Blitzer, a well known Overt Democrat Operative, one of the many amoebae on CNN, when he alluded to the vehicular terrorist attack in Barcelona being a copy-cat of what happened in Charlottesville; an obvious effort to tie President Trump to the tragedy in Spain.  After the vehicular terrorist attacks in Nice, Berlin, London, Manchester, Stockholm and Paris, the one in Spain was inspired by Charlottesville?  Really?  If that vehicular attack had not happened in Charlottesville, terrorists in Europe would never have thought of using a vehicle to kill people?   Really Wolf?   Utterly juvenile.  The Media’s “I hate everything Trump” doctrine is causing them to make absolute fools of themselves.   They appear to be no smarter than brainless one-celled  amoebae.





Maxine Waters said, “God sent me to stop Trump.” Fact Check with Religifact

Maxine runs her mouth so much, there’s not enough oxygen left to operate her ears.

Maxine Waters said, “God sent me to stop Trump.”

Fact Check with Religifact:

God told Religifact that she didn’t let him finish. What he was trying to say was, “Stop Trump bashing”, but she interrupted him as soon as she heard the word Trump. God also told Religifact that Maxine Waters is so rude he doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. He said. “She’s a terrible listener, and there is no love in the woman’s heart.”

That’s the word in the cloud.

Will Sip Stix Be Next?

An illegal immigrant was caught smuggling straws into California. Jose de la Frappe picked up a truckload of straws, in Phoenix, from an underground straw factory hidden deep into Camelback Mountain. Straw detectives have not been able to uncover the exact location of the factory. If detectives can retrace the route of the truck back to Camelback Mountain, they may be able to bust one of the newest smuggling rings in the country. This case may come to be known as the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’. Could this be the last straw?

If Trump, by Executive Order, Authorized a Drug That Would Cure Cancer

Chuck Schumer would say, “First of all, we’re not sure the President has the Constitutional authority to do this. We need to know if the Russians had anything to do with the creation or manufacture of this drug. Will Russia profit from the President’s action? Is he doing this to please Putin? Was there any collusion between the President and anyone in Russia? How many Oncologists will be ruined financially? These are things we need to find out. And what damage will be done to the Pharmaceutical Industry, hospitals and clinics? As Maxine Waters said, this stinks of racism and demonstrates how corrupt Trump is. This looks like grounds for impeachment.”

What Haters Hate Most is Good News; Contrarily, Things Non-haters Are Happy About

  1. Donald J. Trump is President of the United States of America

  2. The Economy is Booming

  3. EU Trade War Averted

  4. N. Korea May Be Cooperating?

  5. U.S. Employment at Highest Level in Decades

  6. U.S. Steel Plant Re-opening

  7. Companies Coming Back From Overseas Due to De-regulation and Tax Cuts

  8. ISIS Caliphate Has Been Defeated and Destroyed

  9. Barack Obama is Out of Office

  10. Hillary Clinton is Not President

  11. Nancy Pelosi Isn’t Speaker of the House

  12. Little Dickie Durbin Isn’t Any Taller

  13. Maxine Waters Keeps Talking

  14. Elizabeth Warren May Run in 2020

  15. Socialists Have Taken Over The Democrat Party

  16. The “Future of the Democrat Party”, Ocasio-Cortez Couldn’t ID Shinola in a Porta-Potty Line-up

  17. Chuck Schumer’s Nose Keeps Getting Longer to Accommodate His Glasses

  18. Rep. Hank Johnson Was Wrong.  Guam Has Not Cap-sized.

  19. Capitalism Is Alive and Well

  20. Predictions of America’s Demise Were Ignorantly Exaggerated