It’s all Russia’s fault

#TheHill cited a report in the #Russian government-operated RIA Novosti as saying they have a weapon called the ‘Filin’ that fires a beam resembling a strobe light. The weapon causes hallucinations and vomiting.

I learned from an anonymous source, which will not be named, that several prominent Americans might have been exposed to ‘Filin’. This could go a long way in explaining the irrational behavior of people like #RobertMueller#HillaryClinton
#MaxineWaters#NancyPelosi, a host of deep state #Obama left-overs, and many others afflicted with #TDS. ‘Filin’ may explain why the very mention of Trump’s name makes the #Hollywood pretenders and the mainstream media folks nearly ‘throw up’. All this time they thought it was #Trump who was making them sick.
G Spot Satire


Trump Haters Anonymous Meeting

I infiltrated a Trump Haters Anonymous meeting last week to find out if they are really trying to get over the result of the 2016 election and put it behind them.

One lady stood up, trembling as she spoke, and said, “I’m Looney and I’m a Trump-hater.” She had the support of the entire group, supposedly trying to regain mental stability, but it seemed to be more like a group effort to justify their hatred; especially when they broke into their chant: “MAWATOMO”, “MAWATOMO”, “MAWATOMO”. I asked one of the members, “What is MAWATOMO?” He said, “Oh that stands for ‘Make America Weak Again Throw Orange Man Out’!”

A fellow named Stu Pidd confided, “I’ve been coming to THA meetings for several months, and I still hate Trump.”

These people aren’t trying to stop hating Trump. They are instead, continuing to try to overturn the election. They’re so distraught they can’t speak without shaking, crying, or wetting themselves.

There was a student from UC Berkeley, M. Becile, sobbing as he spoke, with his face buried in his hands, saying, “I can’t stand to read about all the jobs that have been created since this loser took office; and the low unemployment numbers make me want to puke. Then, I see wages are going up for the first time in 18 years? Yuck! The economy is the best it has ever been and manufacturing jobs are coming back. That SOB is killing us. Now, for the first time in history, North Korea is willing to come to the table and ISIS lost their caliphate! This is all terrible news. I can’t take much more.”

The leader of this chapter of THA, Lou Zerr, tried to console M. Becile, by telling him, “We must keep a positive attitude, and hope the stock market crashes, putting the country into a deep depression, with millions of people unemployed, bread and soup lines everywhere you look, people losing their homes, and having their cars repossessed. At least we still have open border areas, and we must make sure there is no new border fence and thousands of illegal immigrants, terrorists, and MS-13 members will storm our southern border, creating total chaos. We have to hope for the misery index to reach an all-time high and with Pelosi and Schumer resisting Trump, we might be able to get rid of the SOB.”

With that inspiring speech, the entire group came to their feet, chanting, in unison, “MAWATOMO, MAWATOMO, MAWATOMO”
G Spot Satire


Nothing gets past Robert Mueller (Satire)

One of the Covington, Kentucky high school kids, fourteen year old Johnny (we’ll just call him Johnny), great nephew of Roger Stone, is being pinned down in his room by Mueller’s Gestapo. Johnny has been grounded, for his own safety, due to threats the family has received. He’s been holed up in his room and instructed, by his parents, not to open the door for anyone. Mueller discovered that Johnny has a Russian pen pal, whom we’ll just call, Anatoly Blankovich, and Mueller wants copies of all correspondence Johnny has had with Anatoly. Andrew Weissmann, one of Mueller’s henchmen, wants to know how much these radical teenagers know about ‘smirking’ and whether either of them has ever ‘smirked’ at any Native Americans, including Elizabeth Warren. Mueller also wants to know if Johnny, or any of his classmates, had prior knowledge that Nick Sandmann was a ‘smirker’.

Johnny’s house is surrounded by four M1A2 tanks, Mueller has deployed 2 SEAL Teams inside the house, and snipers are setup in neighboring houses.

Johnny’s parents have assured the SEAL Team that the battle sounds they’re hearing from Johnny’s room is from “Deep Rock Galactic”, and Johnny will open his door as soon as he makes it to the next level.


(Satire) The reasons Pelosi opposes a physical barrier (fence)

REPORTER:  “Representative Pelosi, why are you so stubbornly opposed to a physical barrier on our southern border?”

PELOSI:  “Because a physical barrier isn’t necessary.”

REPORTER:  “Border agents who have to deal with this crisis every day say it is necessary and they need it badly.”

PELOSI:  “Well …. physical barriers are ineffective.”

REPORTER:  “Physical barriers have proven to be the most effective means of controlling our border.  In areas where we already have physical barriers illegal immigration and drug trafficking have been reduced by more than 90%.  Since a physical barrier is time tested and proven to be an effective and necessary means of securing our border and making Americans safer, why are you still opposing it?”

(Now, the REAL reason)

PELOSI:  “Because I hate Donald Trump.  I would rather have an open border and put Americans at risk than to let Donald Trump have a victory.”

“A lie repeated often enough becomes accepted truth.” 

“A lie repeated often enough becomes accepted truth.”
This axiom has been attributed to Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Goebbels, and Adolph Hitler; all were experts in propaganda, an essential element in political discord. The Democrat Socialists, the Media, and other TV talking heads have mastered the use of LIES and propaganda. They’re in such rigid lockstep they speak as one voice, all regurgitating the same exact verbiage as if they’re reading the same teleprompter.

It was decided a couple of years ago to label Trump a racist, knowing that if repeated often enough it would take root ; especially with the unthinking folks who parrot what they hear on liberal TV. The puppet masters knew once the LIE was accepted as truth, Trump’s supporters would be considered racists, as well.

Believing the ‘racist LIE’ is like crack to a person with Trump Derangement Syndrome. TDS is a serious mental disorder and we’re witnessing its wrath every day. The most recent examples of accute TDS are what happened in Covington, Kentucky and Nancy Pelosi’s unprecedented refusal to let the President of the United States deliver the traditional SOTU message.