On Castro’s Death


There is no such thing as a benevolent Communist leader. In fact, I can’t think of one positive adjective for any Communist; leader, or follower. Communist leaders are evil, and their followers and supporters are either in fear, or just plain simpleminded. So all of those I hear saying nice things about Fidel will go into my “simpleminded basket”……..which I keep right next to my “basket of deplorables”.



Useful Idiots

When George Soros first advertised on Craig’s List, looking to hire anti Trump protesters, I didn’t think anyone would apply. The ad he ran was this:

“Now hiring Useful Idiots. Must be willing to march in the middle of the street, break windows, loot, burn cars, spit on cops, chant, and carry anti Trump signs.  All Useful Idiots must supply their own signs, gas masks, and ‘I Am an Idiot’ T-shirt.  Your activities will be video recorded and our judges will be looking for nominees for our “Idiot of the Year” award.  If you would like to be considered America’s number one idiot, you must be aggressive, spontaneous, fearlessly disruptive, and creatively destructive.  The “Idiot of the Year” will receive one year subscriptions to Spiderman and Wonder Woman comic books, plus paperback copies of all the Harry Potter books.”

Apply, in person, at your local chapter, or office, of:

Association of Community Organizers

The New Black Panthers

Black Lives Matter


Democratic National Committee


Communist Party USA

Progressive Insurance



Common Cause

Media Matters


Planned Parenthood

And many more

I’ve seen these demonstrations, and I must say, I had no idea that many idiots were unemployed, because most of the idiots, in this country, either hold some elected office, or have some kind of government job.  Just sayin’………..




What’s Wrong With Today’s College Professors?


Many people are curious and puzzled by the inane positions of a lot of our college professors. Recent studies shave shown that just one reading of The Communist Manifesto can actually lower one’s IQ.  A re-read can lower it by 10 points, or more.  Reading anything written by Engels, Trotsky, or Lenin can reduce the IQ by another 10 to 15 points.  The professors have read themselves into the “useful idiot” category.  So, people who launched their careers as reasonably bright academics have become a coterie of babbling morons.   When these professors speak, we need to remember they are among the ‘challenged’ people of our society, and we need to tell our college bound youth to not make fun of them; humor them, but never take them seriously.


The Co-President


Well, all you losers out there can now relax. Take a deep breath, and rejoice!  Obama has announced that he is not bowing away from the political stage.  He has indicated that he will be closely monitoring President Trump’s actions, and will step in if he feels it is necessary.  Obama feels that since his 8 years in office were flawless, and since he is the most loved POTUS in history, he should be on standby, as a sort of co-President.  Obama’s co-presidency is being endorsed by the Congressional Black Caucus, ACLU, Black Lives Matter, NAACP, Move On, American Communist Party, and The American White Guilt Coalition.




The Fourth Estate Is Impotent


This election cycle brought the press out of the closet. They completely exposed themselves. They stopped even pretending to be seen as journalists, and went full bore as extreme left wing ideologues and advocates. The mainstream media is now considered, by most objective thinkers, to be totally corrupt and dishonest. I believe they have lost at least 50% of their sway. For many years they were rather clever, using subtlety as a method. They used carefully chosen phrasing and tonal inflection to slant the message, but in this election cycle they have made no attempt to behave as anything other than overbearing political hacks. The mainstream media is now naked. They have no credibility, and consequently have rendered themselves completely irrelevant. The liberal lapdogs are now a laughing stock. The mainstream news presentations are almost cartoonish.
Well, in any case, the good news is, they blew it. They tried as hard as they could, but were unable to get The Wicked Witch from Chappaqua elected. Instead of licking their wounds, acknowledging their biases, and trying to right the ship, these zealots are doubling down on their quest to diminish Trump, ignoring the fact that half of America is laughing at them. I must admit, as disgusting as these fools may be, it’s kinda fun to watch them try to deliver “the news”,with their panties in a wad.


Michelle and Barack’s Big Fight


I dreamed that Michelle and Barack almost had a knock down, drag out fight over his final world trip.

Michelle demanded, “You’ve only got a little more than two months left. There’s nothing to negotiate, so why is this trip necessary?”

Barack explained, “Well, this’ll be the last chance many of these people will get to see me, in person. It may not seem important to you, but a lot of people, all over the world, lay awake at night hoping and praying they might get a glimpse of me before they die. It’ll be something they can tell their children and grandchildren. Let’s just call it ‘my parting gift’ to the world, and an early Christmas gift for those who get lucky enough to see me.”

Michele said, “Well, when you get back, I do not want the Trumps back in the White House until we’re gone.   They are both so ………… you know, so ‘not black’, and that Melania ……….…….. it was all I could do to keep from……………….”

That’s when I woke up.


Why We Are Protesting the Trump Presidency

November 12, 2016 – Press Release from “Sore Losers R Us”

Our slogan is “Love Trumps Hate”, therefore, we hold that an honorable person is one who is civil; one who makes an effort to understand the views of others, one who exudes love and understanding, as opposed to hatred and vitriol, one who respects life, liberty, property, and the rule of law. Since Donald Trump’s entire campaign was waged on a platform of hate, and since those who voted for him are all uneducated white racists, we are taking to the streets to protest his election, the bigotry, the hate and the racism.

Bigotry, hatred, and racism are simply unacceptable; that’s why we can’t stand Donald Trump and all of his white honky supporters. We detest the man, and everything he stands for, and we absolutely loathe Republicans. We abhor Donald Trump, all conservatives and Republicans, and hope they all starve to death.

Ima Whiner

P.S. Remember, “Love Trumps Hate”