Should There Be A Federal Minimum Wage?

A government mandated minimum wage is just plain ignorant, in my opinion. For example, many minimum wage jobs are in the service industry; bartenders, servers, bell hops, valet attendants, etc. All of these jobs are gratuity driven and no one, including the employer, not even IRS, has a firm grip on how much these workers actually make, since a substantial portion of their gratuities are paid in cash, which is one of the reasons to put in place a National Sales Tax to REPLACE the Income Tax. A consumption tax is the only way the underground economy will ever pay taxes; but that’s another subject, entirely.
A state, or federally, imposed minimum wage, in my opinion, is both dumb and intrusive. It’s dumb because it’s totally ineffective, achieving none of it’s intended goals. When a minimum wage is increased, everything that worker needs to buy goes up in price, leaving the wage earner with pretty much the same amount of disposable income he, or she, had before. It’s a circular formula and accomplishes nothing, other than to let a feel-good lib pat himself on the back.
It’s intrusive because it’s nobody’s business, other than the business of the employee and the employer, as to the hourly wage being paid. It should simply be an agreement between the two parties. It would be like letting a nosy neighbor decide how much I have to pay my lawn man.  
Loonie Bernie and The Wicked Witch of Chappaqua have both been trumpeting a $15 per hour minimum wage, and they are, of course, getting tons of support from the ¹YDU voters.   Just sayin’….. 
¹Young, Dumb and Unemployed

Hillary’s Speech Translated

I’ve heard it all my life, “You can’t have it both ways.” It’s only logical. I’m afraid that got disproved last night, because here is Hillary’s acceptance speech, in a nutshell.
“The world is safer now than when Barack Obama took office. His policies have worked, and there are far too many terrorist attacks and killings going on all around us. Our attacks on ISIL have driven them back, and weakened them to the point that they are more dangerous today than ever before. Don’t let us stop now.”
“The economic policies that The President and I have both agreed on have developed fifteen million new private sector jobs and the auto industry is stronger than ever. We have a very good economy with too few good paying jobs. In addition, we have more people on food stamps, and we have increased the number of people in poverty, and decreased the number of people in the work force. Don’t let us stop now.”
“As Secretary of State, and it’s no secret, my diplomatic policies stabilized almost every country in the Middle East, to the point that there is more turmoil, and more terror than the World has ever seen. Don’t let us stop now.” And ad regurgitum.

Donald Trump and Russia

I don’t understand all the fuss over Trump’s remarks about Hillary’s Emails and Russia. The liberal activists, who are on TV impersonating journalists, were acting like a house cat giving birth to a porcupine. I listened to Trump’s remarks several times, and I had trouble parsing exactly what he said, literally. Trump speaks fast, and I couldn’t tell if he said, “Russia, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing….” Or, if he said, “……… I hope you were able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing….” Either way, I could tell that he was being sarcastic, but past tense would take a lot of the sting out of the reporters’ claims that Trump was asking the Russians to do something illegal, as opposed to referring to a possibly completed past action.
One of Hillary’s hardest working campaign strategists, Major Garrett, was outraged and said that Trump’s words were tantamount to treason. At the same time, he apparently considered Hillary’s carelessness and incompetence, which made the Emails vulnerable, unobjectionable.  Matt Lauer, Image Coordinator for the Clinton Campaign, and Rachel Maddow, Clinton’s Damage Control Consultant, jumped on board the Treason Train. Trump was being accused of asking a foreign power to hack a United States Government Server. Sorry, but the server Hillary used was no more U. S. Government property than the Fairy Tale Story that Bill Clinton told last Tuesday night.
Now, here is what I find both puzzling and amusing. According to Hillary, none of the 33,000 Emails were classified. In fact, she said they were all of a personal nature, and had nothing to do with her work. According to the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua, the Emails in limbo were about her yoga lessons, recipes and wedding planning. There is genuine concern, however, that if Hillary’s recipe for Yo Mama’s Ribs wid Collard Green Soup and Chitlins ever got out, it could end her campaign. Even her recipe for Crabs Monica with a Zucchini Surprise would put her in a bad light. And the Pantsuit Queen would be damaged goods if any of her Yoga Photos were ever exposed to the public. The Cat & Cow Pose and the Happy Baby Pose, are unflattering, they expose her cankles, and much like her husband, might leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. Just sayin’……………

Beware of the Progressives

A few years ago, the old Democrat party got high-jacked by a gang of Marxists. They knew the American people would find them totally unacceptable if they called themselves Marxists, Communists, or Socialists, so they described themselves as Liberals, which proved to be a misnomer, because they were well left of the average Liberal. So, it was decided some time ago that the word Progressive would be more acceptable than Socialist, and it put them far left of the normal Lib.
Don’t be fooled when you hear Hillary, Elizabeth Warren and all the rest of the Socialists calling themselves Progressives. Progressive is code for Socialist. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, has not been afraid to call himself a Socialist, and has proved that an out-of-the-closet Socialist can get the ¹YDU vote. Coming from Vermont, which is affectionately referred to as Cuba del Norte, has certainly helped Loonie Bernie’s political career. The Loon has been courting the ¹YDU group, for years.
The Progressives are secular. The only religion they openly practice is that of ‘Climate Change’, and one of its sects, ‘Global Warming’. They completely ignore the thousands of climate scientists who have debunked almost all of their claims. Climate Change is their religion. They appear to be dogmatic and passionate about their belief in Human Caused Climate Change, and they demand that it be considered a closed argument; no more discussion allowed. I’m not fooled by these over zealous commies. Their dogma and impassioned rants about Human Caused Climate Change being a settled science is feigned. They know their claims cannot be proved, and they don’t even believe it themselves. Convincing everyone that Human Caused Climate Change is real, is key to their Socialist agenda. They know they can gain control of every aspect of our lives, in the name of ‘Climate Change’, or ‘Saving the Planet’. The minions and the ¹YDU’s, who worship at the altar of The First Church of Climate Change and Global Warming, are like a bunch of mind-numbed robots, and have no idea how they have been manipulated, and are being used.
The Progressives (Socialists) make absolutely no sense. Not one of their programs has ever worked, and never will. They are classic fools. Do the math. You can’t fake simple math. The problem is that the ¹YDU group is fluid and growing.
¹Young, Dumb and Unemployed

Wasserman Schultz’s Bad Hair Day


Monday, Roger Clinton went to Chappaqua, to house sit for Bill and Hillary, and prepare for his Thursday night concert in Philadelphia, with his new band, The Storytellers. He was trying to catch up on the news, when he heard Al Sharpton talking about all the boos at the convention. All Roger heard was ‘booze’. He was out the door, faster than Pee Wee Herman can open his fly, and on his way to Philly. He was going into the Wells Fargo Center at the same time Debbie Wasserman Schultz was leaving. Roger almost didn’t recognize Wasserman Schultz because her head was sideways. Her right ear was nearly touching the top of her right shoulder. It seems that she was running late for an appointment to see her dentist, and in her haste to leave, she got her hair entangled in one of her earrings. With hair like Debbie’s, there was no easy way to get it loose. Debbie was not having a good day. She had just gotten booed off the stage, and then two new teeth had mysteriously appeared in her mouth, giving her a total of thirty-seven teeth, making it extremely difficult for her to speak clearly. With her head sideways, she knew she would be unable to drive a car, and on top of all of this, she had just been fired. She was desperately trying to leave, but Roger insisted that she listen while he sang his new single, ‘Baby Keep Your Chin Up’, which really stressed her out.
But all’s well that ends well. Hillary knew nothing about the DNC Email scandal until Scott Pelley asked her about it. (wink wink) Hillary was quite taken aback, and found the Emails to be hateful, misguided, and the epitome of dirty pool. When she learned that Wasserman Schultz was the one responsible for the disgusting Emails, and that Schultz was indeed a first class propagandist and master of disinformation, she knew, then and there, that Schultz was the one for her, so she immediately hired her to run her fall campaign. Birds of a feather …………………………. Just sayin’……………..


Fear and Loathing in Moscow

When Secretary of State Clinton presented the red reset button to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, it truly scared the bejesus out of Vladimir Putin. The Russians were totally intimidated with that kind of bold, aggressive, and in-your-face diplomacy. Even though the Russian word for ‘reset’ was misspelled, the symbol of Hillary’s no-holds-barred diplomacy was plain to see. The mere sight of that bloodcurdling red button sitting on the Foreign Minister’s desk makes Vlad wet himself everytime he sees it.
Hillary’s reputation for her many successful negotiations around the world would be sufficient to bring the mightiest leaders to their proverbial knees, but Russia suddenly had to deal with the dreaded ‘reset button’, which was, no doubt, a game changer.
Vladimir is convinced that he would be able to walk all over Trump, but he knows that he would be no match for Hillary, so the Russians will go to any extent to keep Hillary out of the White House, where she would have access to an infinite supply of red reset buttons. This explains why the Russians hacked the DNC computers and released the secret e-mails that have been so damaging to Hillary’s campaign. The Russians will do anything to help Trump win.

The Eve of the Commiecrat Convention

The Commiecrats have been gloating over the Ted Cruz dust-up at the RNC, and have been happily claiming that the convention displayed a party divided. Now we’re upon the eve of their Convention, and it looks like the Chairwoman of their party might be barred from the stage, and possibly the building. Of course, in my opinion, Debbie Wasserman Schultz reached her highest level of incompetency years ago. When I hear DWS speak, I sit there kinda slack-jawed, and look around for a comrade-in-arms. Someone else who is also scratching his head, sitting there agape, and saying, “Huh? That woman has a job? She actually gets a pay check?” When Debbie Wasserman Schultz talks, she makes Al Sharpton sound almost coherent.
Barring the Chairwoman might make for a more watchable convention. I mean DWS, who could gag a maggot, is going to be gagged, but Loonie Bernie gets to speak on the first night. He’s a disheveled curmudgeon, who doesn’t make any more sense than Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but he’s a little easier on the eye.