Kathy Griffin Mocked Beheading Trump

Some no-talent, ersatz comic mocked the beheading of our president.  Acting out, advocating violence, and equating Trump supporters with Nazis are just some of the symptoms displayed by people with PTVD (Post Trump Victory Disorder).  PTVD has become a national pandemic.   Leading psychiatrists have indicated PTVD can lower a sufferer’s IQ by as much as 30 to 40 points, causing moronic or imbecilic behavior.  Liberals are the primary at-risk group; especially because liberal ideology is inherently anti-intellectual to start with, liberals are the most adversely affected. 

What to do with the so-called beheading comic? Bless her heart; she probably couldn’t help herself, so why not just let it go?  Maybe she, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Judd, Charley Sheen, Snoop Dog and the rest can start a rehab program.  They could call it the Trump Tweet Retreat.  It would be a 30 day program, which would allow them to watch CNN and MSNBC for 16 hours on the first day, and then decrease the viewing time by one hour each day, until they are completely weaned.  The same thing with the internet, limiting their time visiting sites such as: moveon.org, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, et al. There would be no access to The New York Times, The Washington Post or The LA Times.

They would be required to listen to Rush Limbaugh and Maxine Waters every Monday. Wednesday and Friday, and listen to Sean Hannity and Chuck Schumer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Required reading would include Atlas Shrugged, and two books, of their choice, by Ann Coulter. 

For graduation and certification of completion, they would have to place their hand over their heart and say the Pledge of Allegiance, sing The National Anthem, and recite the Bill of Rights, along with the rest of the United States Constitution, while giving the finger to cardboard cutouts of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.



Jared Kushner’s Premature Emasculation

The most difficult task in crime solving has always been determining who committed the crime. The Democrats, in a pure stroke of predilection, have discovered a new method for solving a crime; find the perpetrator first, and then look for the crime.

Nancy the Genius said, “Identifying a perpetrator is much more challenging than finding a crime. If we already know who the perpetrator is, the hard part is done. Then it’s just a matter of finding out which law he, or she, broke. You have to arrest the criminal so you can find out what he did.”

Now, Special Investigator Robert Mueller is in search of a crime. His biggest problem is trying to find a crime that will lead him to the known perpetrator. Just sayin’…….


German Chancellor Angela Merkel – Shut your pie hole!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Germany can no longer rely on the United States.   Really?   Ms. Merkel, you’re going to bad mouth the United States?   If it weren’t for the United States, you wouldn’t even have a country to worry about!   And Angela, whose fault is it that you don’t pay your bills?  Try refusing to pay your electric bill and see how long the bulbs stay lit!  By the way, Madame Chancellor, who do you think is paying the 40,000 U. S. Troops that are stationed in Germany to protect your Socialist arsch?  Would Germany be able to defend itself if we pulled them all out?

I think it’s mainly about ideology; a Socialist cannot abide a Capitalist, so she will never approve of President Trump, or any of his policies.  PTVD, Post Trump Victory Disorder, has twisted a knot in her ample arsch.  Just sayin’………………



Big Shake-up In The House

Speaker Paul Ryan has instructed all members of the House to refrain from asking newly elected Representative Greg Gianforte any questions. His specific instruction was, “Don’t ask this man anything; he hates questions.”

The Speaker will be meeting later today with Majority Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana.  It’s believed he will ask Scalise to step down and will name Representative-elect, Gianforte as Majority Whip. Nancy Pelosi wants her seat moved next to the Sergeant at Arms, and Minority Whip, Steny Hoyer has asked Speaker Ryan to assign a U. S. Marshall, as his personal Security Detail.   Maxine Waters is demanding that Representative Gianforte be impeached, immediately; at least that’s what they think she said.


Enact Trump’s Immigration Ban

The sensible thing to do is to enact Trump’s Immigration Moratorium.  How can any clear thinking person question this action?

Profiling is a requisite of intellectual deduction and reasoning.   IMHO, multiculturism, diversity, and political correctness are archenemies of rationality. The loons hold more sway than sane people.


No ink for you, Mr. Bezos!

Trump asked intelligence chiefs to push back against FBI collusion probe after Comey revealed its existence

Headline from the Washington Compost May 22, 2017

Jeff Bezos’ blog, The Washington Compost, is complicit in trying anything to bring down President Trump, along with The New York Ragtimes.  There is no better example of the use of a misleading headline to plant the seed that a final conclusion has been reached.  This headline indicates that there is solid evidence to prove the President did, in fact, take steps to interfere with an ongoing FBI investigation.  The headline doesn’t leave any doubt.  It doesn’t say “Trump may have asked”, or “It is alleged that Trump asked”; no, it point blank says he definitely asked intelligence chiefs to push back against the FBI probe.  

However, if you read the entire story, and few people do, there is nothing that can be corroborated, because The Washington Compost sources are: *two current and two former officials, who spoke on the condition of *anonymity, a *former senior intelligence official, *senior intelligence officials, *current and former officials, other non-descript, anonymous, or unnamed sources, and a ‘contemporaneous internal memo’ written by an *unnamed senior NSA official.   There wasn’t one named source in the story, making it nothing more than mere hearsay.

My friends, this is a great example of Fake News.  Hell, anyone can write this kind of tripe, but people who try to pass it off as legitimate news should not be allowed to buy ink.   

That’s it! We need an Ink Nazi!  “No ink for you, Mr. Bezos.” 

*Unverifiable source







First Church of Climate Change Tabernacle’s Ten Commandments

I am Algore and thou shall have no other climate gods before Me.

Thou shall not have idols other than Algore and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Thou shall not take the name of Algore in vain.

Thou shall not buy fossil fuel on the Sabbath.

Honor thy father and thy mother and keep their basement clean, so long as ye shall reside there. 

Thou shall not murder anyone other than a denier.

Thou shall not read any reports about climate change other than mine.

Thou shall not befriend a denier, for he is thine enemy and will lead thee into the valleys of the border wall and the pipeline.

Thou shall not bear false witness against rising oceans.

Thou shall not covet a brain, for I shall guide thee in the green way of life.

Our Golden Rule – “Do unto others before they do unto you”

The Climate Change Prayer 

O Dearly beloved, Fellow Claimers, we are gathered here today with our faithful brethren. Let us pray.  Bow your heads and say it with me, “Dear Algore, our founding father, we know that climate change and global warming are caused by our own activity.  We are the claimers and the deniers are the sinners, whom we will always shun and shame, as we would any wicked person.  Forgive them Algore, for they know not what they are saying.   They do not understand thy almighty wisdom and thy command to end debate, for it is now thine movement.  Amen