Buffoon Breeding Season


The Buffoon breeding season, which started last November, has been very active. With a gestation period of just a little longer than one news cycle, their numbers are increasing daily. There have been reports of cross-breeding between Buffoons and Dumbasses. It’s difficult to tell them apart. In fact, a lot of Buffoons think they’re hooking up with another Buffoon, only to find out later, they were with a Dumbass, which makes them feel more like a Dumbass than a Buffoon. Even though it will be almost two decades before the new Buffoons can vote, keep in mind there are already several million Buffoons, along with an equal number of Dumbasses, who are currently registered Democrat voters. The Buffoons and the Dumbasses don’t have an official titular leader, but the ad hoc leaders are Nancy the Genius Pelosi and Chuck the Schmuck Schumer, who answer directly to Hussein Obama and George Soros. Nancy the Genius and Chuck the Schmuck have merged the Buffoons and the Dumbasses into an activist group called the Indivisibles, who are protesting the Trump Presidency, which is about as effective as tilting at windmills.  I must admit that when a bunch of Buffoons and Dumbasses get together. they’re kinda fun to watch.

WARNING: If you encounter a Buffoon or a Dumbass, do not try to feed them. They can be aggressive, and they will bite.



Syrian Refugees Are Going To Fit Right In


Five of the 13 wealthiest countries in the world have commonality with Syria.  Qatar, the richest country in the world, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Brunei are all majority Sunni Muslim, as is Syria.  The official language of Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, and Syria is Arabic.

Since they share the same culture, religion, language and customs, wouldn’t it make sense to immigrate the Syrian refugees into countries in their region, closer to their friends and relatives, where they would more easily assimilate?

I guess I’m wrong, wrong, wrong again. Much wiser people than I have concluded that the logical thing to do, is to relocate the refugees nearly 7,000 miles from their homeland and loved ones, into a place where they have little, or no, commonality with the general populace; the populace that will be taxed out the ying-yang to feed and care for them.  

It would be stupid for the refugees to relocate to an area where they wouldn’t have to deal with culture shock, new customs, and language issues. What kind of moron would propose such an inane idea?


Syrian Refugee OrientationSession

Faheem: “Muhammad, hal tatakallam al’iinjalyzi?” (Muhammad, do you speak English?)Muhammad: “la, laysat kalmat.” (No, not a word) 

Faheem: “la turid ‘an taraa alnnisa’ allwaty yartadin ‘aelaa haltar walsrawyl?”                 (Do you like to see women wearing only haltar tops and shorts?)                        Muhammad: “la, wahadha hu alshshur.” (No, that is evil) 

Faheem: hal turid ‘an tadhhab ‘iilaa alhanat washarb albirat walwayski   (Do you like to go to bars and drink beer and whiskey?)                                                                                       Muhammad: “la yasmah” (That is not allowed. It is forbidden.) 

Faheem:   “hal targhab fi rabt mae alnnas mithli aljuns?”  (Do you like to associate with gay people?)                                                                                                                                           Muhammad: “la, fynbghy ‘an yakun qutil” (No, they should all be killed) 

Faheem:  “yumkinuk mushahadat alnnas yakulun lahm alkhinzir almuqaddad walbaydi,’aw almirq alsjq?” (Can you watch people eat bacon and eggs, or sausage gravy?)Muhammad:   “la, ln eayni tanzif wa’awad ‘ann alqi’a.” (No, my eyes would bleed and I would vomit.) 

Faheem:  “muhammad, wa’ant tasir liasheir alhaqq fi almanzil fi ‘amrika.” (Muhammad, you are going to feel right at home in America.) 


Changing Hats Can Be Awkward


For the last eight years the media acted as an arm of the DNC and White House advocates. Now they’re faced with an unexpected turn of events; they have to do a complete u-turn. Going from being protagonists, to antagonists has got their britches in a wad; they’re in frenzy mode.  They were caught with their proverbial pants down, sans playbook. 

Before the election, they were receiving their daily ‘talking points’ from the White House, which made it quite simple for them to formulate their broadcasts and editorials.   All of a sudden, their mail boxes were empty and they became a gaggle of unarmed, empty-headed, leftist zealots with no instructions.  What’s keeping them in the game is their target happens to be a bit inarticulate.  His somewhat clumsy elocution and elision, along with his occasional grammar challenged verbiage, and his proclivity for braggadocio exaggerations, make him vulnerable to his detractors.  Those of us who support President Trump have no problem understanding exactly what he is communicating. We get him. He’s very smart, successful, competent, and patriotic, albeit an imperfect human being. But the snakes in the venom-laden media are coiled and ready to strike at the slightest Trump misspeak.

The media are bitter because their concerted efforts to get the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua elected were impotent. They refuse to acknowledge their own irrelevance, and the legitimacy of President Trump.  I like the fact that the President isn’t the least bit hesitant to scold the press, but I think he could totally neuter them if he never, ever mentioned them again.   Failing to acknowledge the media would redefine them as irrelevant and insignificant. 

Transitioning from being advocates for Obama and Clinton, to becoming the would-be annihilators of Trump, has been awkward. We’re watching people (the media) who have no moral compass; people of zero, or at least low, integrity who have been elevated to positions that require trustworthiness, showing righteous indignation toward their intended victim, because he successfully exposed them.  

It’s like watching John McCain tell someone how to run a Presidential campaign.



You Made Your Bed, Now Sleep In It

The ‘main stream media’ made a conscious choice, decades ago, to choose sides. They made their bed, now let’em sleep in it. Katrina vanden Heuvel, on CNN, said, “Trump is “assaulting” the free press”.  Bless your heart, Katrina; there is no ‘free press’.  The Fourth Estate went bye-bye long ago.  I remember Don Hewitt, producer of 60 Minutes, in an interview on C-Span, bragging about getting Kennedy and Clinton elected.  The Libs use the term ‘free press’, as if it’s interchangeable with ‘legitimate press’.   Most of the main stream media are nothing more than over paid con artists.

President Trump called the media ‘an enemy of the people’, which at first blush, sounds a little harsh, but as long as they (the media) continue to present themselves as neutral purveyors of the truth, all the truth, and nothing but the truth, they are, indeed, a danger to the country. Millions of people listen to these pretend-to-be ‘journalists’, and take what they’re reporting as the gospel.  They need to ‘fess up, and stop claiming to be real journalists, admit their bias, just as Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh do; that way, their readers and listeners would know it’s  a ‘buyer beware’ presentation.



The Soc/Com Party (formerly the Democrat Party), along with George Soros and Moveon.org, is funding the Mobocrats. The Mobocrats are now in charge of the curricula in dozens of major colleges and universities that are teaching students the techniques of Mob Rule, Politics by Physical Force, Journalism for Dummies, and Thugism 101. Here are the Ten Commandments of Mobocracy:

  1. Do not allow anyone with whom we disagree to speak.
  2. People only have The Right of free speech, if we approve of what they plan to say.
  3. Do not accept the result of any election won by our opponent; act as if we won.
  4. It is acceptable to use violence to make our point.
  5. The ones who shout the loudest will always win the argument.
  6. Fake Facts are just as important as Fake News.
  7. Avoid the truth, at all costs. It’s honorable to lie for the greater good.
  8. When someone with whom we disagree continues to argue, it’s okay to punch their face until they shut up.
  9. Boycott all businesses that support our opponents.
  10. Support of open borders and mass immigration will provide more Soc/Com (Democrat) voters.




The DNC Allies with RATS


Senator Chuck Schumer is starting an early voter registration drive, called “Register All Terrorists Surrogates”, or RATS. He wants to get RATS into action before the court ordered Stay of the President’s Executive Order can be overturned. As an incentive to attract RATS volunteers, the Senator is offering a souveneir tear-stained handkerchief, to each RATS volunteer.
RATS’ headquarters is appropriately located in downtown Washington D.C., next door to the DNC headquarters. Senator Schumer is confident the DNC will work well with RATS, since they have so much in common. It’s anticipated that RATS will become an important cog in the Democrat Party machine.


Dumb Football Rules and Procedures


I don’t think I will watch another NFL game until they change their inane overtime rules. I’m not a sore loser, because I didn’t have a favorite team in the Super Bowl. I honestly didn’t care which team won. I might be missing something here, but when only one team, the winner of a ‘coin toss’?, has an opportunity to drive down the field and win the game, without the other team having an opportunity, doesn’t make any sense to me. Great game, but the outcome seems empty and unfinished. An overtime should be an overtime, period; certainly not decided by the winner of a coin toss. IMHO, the way it’s done is just plain dumb. So, I don’t wish to watch a game that is controlled by stupid people. NFL: change the OT format and I might be a fan again, until then, seeya…………
The NFL’s OT format isn’t the only senseless thing that’s done in football; bringing the chain out to measure for a first down is equally silly. They don’t bring the chain out, and mark it, to begin the series of downs, it’s eye-balled, sight-lined. When they set the down marker pole, it’s probably off by at least an inch or two; it most certainly isn’t precise. If it isn’t precise at the beginning of the series of downs, they can’t possibly get a precise measurement, period.