The Emmy Awards: Narcissists Claiming Trump is a Narcissist

The Emmy Wards Show was hosted by Steven Colbert, who in my opinion, is a mediocre talent and he proved it once again last night.  He is afflicted, like most of Hollywood, with Obsessive Compulsive Trumphate.  People who are consumed with hate are incapable of objective reasoning, and apparently suffer from osteoporosis of the funny bone.

I’m not sure the Emmy Awards shows ever had much credibility.  An industry giving trophies to itself is like students filling out their own report cards.  The show doesn’t even pretend to be industry-wide; it’s only for the left.  Top rated shows that were produced by, or starred, anyone from the unacceptable team didn’t qualify for nomination, even if they had the highest viewership.  So, whatever little bit of credibility the show may have had is all gone now.  It’s just another bastion of liberal regurgitation; predictable and pathetic.   There’s no doubt that I am biased against the left, but I don’t hate them.  I feel bad for them, but that ain’t hate.  Just sayin’………..


Kicking a Gift Horse

A businessman named Dick owns a thriving community hardware store in Blue Ball, Ohio called Dick’s Nuts. A nice young man came in to the store, one day, a couple of years ago, responding to the “Help Wanted” sign in the store’s front window. Dick was in need of a stock clerk/counter person. The young man applying for the job was well groomed, had a friendly personality, and a great smile; exactly the type of person Dick was looking for. His name was Jose, born in Mexico, educated in the U. S. and spoke perfect English. He filled out the application and turned it in to Dick, along with all the proper credentials, i.e., photo I.D., Social Security Card, and Driver’s License.

Dick hired Jose, on the spot, and he turned out to be a great hire. Jose was well liked by his co-workers, Dick’s customers, and by Dick, himself. When Dick found out Jose didn’t have a place to live, he invited him to move in to his house. A year went by and Jose told Dick about his Uncle Julio and Aunt Maria who lived in Mexico, but wanted to come to the U. S. Dick stepped up and sponsored Jose’s Aunt and Uncle. He found jobs for them, and let them move into his house, along with Jose. They all pitched in and helped with the chores, and were good house guests.

It wasn’t long before Jose brought a girlfriend, Rosalina, into the picture, and about that same time it became obvious that Aunt Maria was pregnant. Within a couple of months, Aunt Maria gave birth to a handsome baby boy, whom they named Ricardo, in honor of their host.

Dick has been recognized for his compassion and kindness. The Blue Ball Chapter of Feelgooders gave Dick their prestigious “Person of the Year” award. One of the many awards Dick has received, is the highly regarded Bernie Sanders NACAB (Not All Capitalists Are Bastards) Trophy. The NACAB Trophy is given to an entrepreneur who meets Sanders Socialist Standards. Dick is also being considered for a Nobel Prize.

Dick’s house is a large house, but with his family of five; wife, Linda, and their three kids, Jose, Rosalina, Uncle Julio, Aunt Maria and baby Ricardo all living there, the house got overcrowded. So, Dick was at a crossroads and had to make a decision. He informed his new extended family they would have to move out. Jose went to the press, complaining that, “We have lived here for so long, we feel like this is our house just as much as it is Dick’s. How can he throw us out of our own house?”

All the Media agreed, accusing Dick of being cruel and uncaring. The county is considering taking ownership of Dick’s house through eminent domain, and converting it to a Bed and Breakfast, called Mi Casa Su Casa. The President of the Blue Ball Feelgooders, Ima Goodheart, withdrew their “Person of the Year” award, Bernie Sanders is replacing his NACAB Trophy with his ACAB Trophy, and the Nobel Prize committee has threatened to set fire to Dick’s Nuts, in the name of peace and understanding.

The town is asking, “Why does Dick have to be so cruel?”

Trump Responsible for Hurricane Harvey

A hotel developer in Cape Verde, Africa, who has close ties to President Trump, is building a new resort on property once owned by the President. According to several sources, it is believed that dynamite, which was left on the property by Trump, was used to blast through limestone to set pilings for the new structure, and those explosions may have caused the tropical wave that became Hurricane Harvey. Senator Chuck Schumer and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have asked Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate possible collusion between the hotel builder and President Trump. They want to know if the dynamite was originally purchased by Trump’s company, and whether or not Trump had prior knowledge that blasting through the limestone on Cape Verde could cause a tropical wave, and if so, did he inform the builder? Congresswoman Maxine Waters said, “This isn’t just grounds for impeachment. If we find out the dynamite came from Russia, we’ll be asking for deportation and permanent exile.”

President Trump’s Epic Fail

Rafael Madcow excoriated the President because

he did not know the names of Hurricane Harvey’s

victims.  On CNN, Lobo Blather pointed out that

the President’s tone didn’t show sincere enough

empathy for the victims, and he noted that the

President’s demeanor didn’t meet the standards

established by Barack Obama, who would almost

always have to dab at a teary eye.  Lobo replayed

the video to show President Trump never once dried

his eyes.  On MSNBC, Chris Thrilluphisleg was openly

upset about the “casual manner in which POTUS

walked to the podium” wearing a baseball cap and

Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers, which were completely

inappropriate for such a tragic occasion.  Maxine

said, “This shows that the man is unfit for office

and should be impeached immediately.”  Rep. Hank

Johnson is concerned about the possibility of the

clouds using up all their rain in Texas, and there

won’t be enough rain left for the rest of the country.


It Took a Catastrophe to Reveal the Real World

The tragedy in Houston is stretching my emotions from one extreme to the other.  I have always had zero tolerance for pain and suffering, whether human or animal, so I have had trouble watching the trauma in Houston with dry eyes.   I honestly hurt for those people so badly that I just can’t keep a stiff upper lip.  That’s the sad part of my story.

Then I get overwhelmed with the goodness that’s going on in Houston.  The first responders and all the rest of the rescuers who come from every walk of life; they’re of every shape and color, every ethnicity, and all the genders there are.  I can’t keep track of all the new genders, but it doesn’t make any difference, does it?  It’s human beings helping other human beings, without regard for skin color, group identity or affiliation.

We’re seeing what I have believed to be true for quite some time; the racial divide that’s been on the front burner for the last 8 years was artificial. It was purposely contrived and blown completely out of proportion.  I never believed it for one simple reason; there are a lot more good people in this world than bad.

The love and compassion we’re seeing in Houston isn’t unique to Houston.  It’s what America is all about, and always has been.   And that thought gives me a bit of a wet eye, too.

Let’s not let the goodness we’re seeing in Houston fade from our memories; it could be the pot of gold pulled from the Devil’s Inferno.  I’m not suggesting we put flowers in our hair and sing Kumbaya, but I can say this, “I believe when you do something nice for someone you don’t know, it makes the world just a little bit better.”




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