Gang of Thugs

The Kavanaugh nomination has caused the Dem/Socialist party to bare its soul. They have demonstrated they have no code of ethics. They are desperate, corrupt, malevolent, and ruthless; truth be damned. The very thought of a fifth non-Socialist-leaning Supreme Court Justice has caused them to lose their collective minds; they’re behaving like a troop of frenzied baboons protecting a carcass as if it might be their last meal.

As a comedian, I find the theater of all this entertaining, but as a United States Citizen and American Patriot, I find it frightening. Knowing there is a formidable, organized political party with no regard for human dignity or rules of order in lockstep; of one mind, and motivated by hate and power, gives me the shivers. How anyone can support this gang of thugs is beyond me.


Is Dr. Ford mentally competent to testify?

Thursday’s hearing might begin something like this:

Chairman Grassley
Dr. Ford, do you solemnly (swear/affirm) that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, (so help you God) under pains and penalties of perjury?

Dr. Ford
I don’t understand the difference between the truth and the whole truth. And what kind of pains are you talking about? Am I going to get hurt here?

Chairman Grassley
It simple terms, the oath means that you promise not to lie to us. And no, you are not going to get hurt.

Dr. Ford
I will do the best I can to tell the truth, but you know there’s a difference between being mistaken and lying.

Chairman Grassley
I will begin. Is it true that you are afraid to fly?

Dr. Ford
I’m okay to fly if they let me bring my Vermont Teddy Bear. My husband gave me the Teddy Bear after my third mental breakdown, but Buddha is really big and sometimes they make me buy a ticket for him. I named my Teddy Bear Buddha for good luck. When I rub Buddha’s belly it calms me down.

Chairman Grassley
Would you please tell the committee when Brett Kavanaugh allegedly attacked you.

Dr. Ford
It was exactly 35 or 36 years ago, on either a Friday or a Saturday, I think.

To be continued………….Just sayin’………

Democrat Prevaricators’ Caucus

Senator Schemer was in an agitated state after getting off the phone with George Soros. He called an emergency meeting of the Democrat Prevaricators’ Caucus. He said, “We’re going to lose all financial support from George Soros if we allow a non-Socialist on the Supreme Court, so we must stop this appointment.” Senator Frankenstein said, “Dr. Ford has 4 witnesses which should be enough to defeat Kavanaugh.” Senator Schemer said, “I’m afraid we no longer have the 4 witnesses. Adam Schiftless just called and told me we have zero witnesses.” Murky Waters opined, “Impeach him.”

Spartacus the Brave said, “I come not to be civil, I come to bury the magistrate. We created one Trojan Horse, surely we can create another. We need Bob Menendez; he knows a lot of unsavory people.” Senator Menendez spoke up, saying, “I’m right here, and I know a Latino family whose daughter was at Yale at the same time Kavanaugh was there, and they owe me, big time. I can get the daughter to say whatever you want her to say.”

Enter Debbie Ramirez offering her statement, “Well, I’m pretty sure I saw a penis. It was definitely a penis. The guy was a white guy, about the same height as Brett Kavanaugh, so it had to be him. I mean it was a white guy and he had a penis!?! Hello! It had to be Brett Kavanaugh! Duh!”

Senators Hirono and Frankenstein said, “That’s the evidence we’ve been waiting for. Kavanaugh might as well admit it. That ID is rock solid.”

Kavanaugh exposed himself?

Debbie Ramirez, in a New Yorker article, alleged Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a Yale University party. Bernie Sanders, who is a porn maven, knows a sketch artist who specializes in highly detailed doodles of genitalia, and he will work with Ms. Ramirez to execute an accurate and identifiable sketch of the Judge’s penis. Anthony Weiner, who is an expert in prick depiction, has agreed to take a close up photo of the proposed Supreme Court’s newest member, which can then be compared to the sketch artist’s rendering.

Accusers Motivated by TDS, Ideology, and $$$$?

The Dems have asked for an FBI investigation of allegations made by Dr. Ford and Debbie Ramirez, even though there are no claims of a Federal crime, but I think it would be a good idea for the FBI to get involved.  The FBI would have the wherewithal to look into financial records of ALL parties, including the financial records of the accusers’ attorneys, i.e., escrow accounts, etc.  They should look for large deposits, look for off shore accounts, and look for recent real estate or stock transfers, etc.  There are a lot of ways to pay for favors.  Remember Hillary’s cattle futures deal when she turned a $1,000 investment into $100,000 in ten short months?  

When dealing with corrupt people, sniff out the corruption.  So people, start sniffing!  The whole story is somewhere out there.   Follow the stench.

Dr. Ford is almost ready to testify

Supporters of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford say Dr. Ford will be ready to testify by Thursday. They said she is getting better every day in the practice sessions. In the beginning, she was confused, unable to remember her lines, and couldn’t get facts and details straight. They brought in a memorization coach and now she is able to say her lines, word for word, almost every time. They’re pretty sure by Thursday she’ll have the entire script memorized. She was having trouble remembering to tell the part about Kavanaugh putting his hand over her mouth. Her coaches would prompt her, but she was inconsistent as to which hand he used. They settled on the left hand, and now she says he used his left hand, almost every time. She should be fine by Thursday.