The Search for Anything Offensive

The U. S. Board on Geographic Names has approved changing the names of Coon Lake and Coon Creek in Washington State because they contain the word “coon”, an insulting word for blacks, according to The LA Times. The board also agreed for name changes to places in Oregon involving the word “squaw”.

They really did do this, so it probably won’t end there. There’s work to do right here in Florida. I’d be willing to bet they’ll change Homosassa Springs to Heterosasssa Springs. Pussy Willow Park, Georgia will be in the Board’s crosshairs, as well, with a lot more coming.

Next week, the Southern Chapter of WOSP (Whiny Overly Sensitive Prigs) is planning demonstrations in the town of Morehead, Kentucky, and on the campus of Morehead State University, carrying placards that say “Morehead State Sucks!” But up there in Coon Fang, Kentucky, when the PC police got after them, their smart-ass Mayor Badcock changed the town’s name to Poon Tang. The PC Police aren’t sure what to do with that.

The ThugNuts Party issued a memorandum to all members, which said, “We’ve got to stay busy folks. Go out today and look, listen, and sniff out anything, or anyone, that is even marginally offensive, and stick it to those pricks. Especially anyone on Fox News.”

The ThugNuts Party has drawn a bead on the following towns: Dick, CO, Weiner, AR, Beaver Creek, CO, Swallow Hill, DE, Hardup, GA, Dickshooter, ID, French Lick, IN, Climax, MI, Wankers Corner, OR, Intercourse, PA, Sugar Tit, SC, Imalone, WI.

We’ll soon have our new T-Shirts available, which will have our motto: “Are you Politically Correct? Then bite me!”



Thug Nut Party Membership

The Thug Nut Party membership is made up of Progressives, Liberals, Socialists, Leftists, Communists, Fascists, thugs, and Democrats. Since all of these groups drink the same Kool-Aid, and, consequently, have so much in common, it should be acceptable to unite them in one party. Thug Nut Party is a leftist ‘one-party-fits-all’ descriptor, so Thug Nut Party it is. Besides, it’s kinda fun to say.

Thug Nuts Party

Thug Nuts Party spokespersons, Madonna and Nasty Woman, announced there will be demonstrations at all of the major TV networks’ headquarters next Saturday.   Nasty Woman said they’re expecting more than 100,000 Thug Nuts from across the country to participate. The Thug Nuts Party is demanding that major networks stop airing President Trump’s voice, period; no more Trump speeches, no Trump interviews, no policy statements from Trump, etc.   Madonna and Nasty Woman have issued a joint statement that says, “We consider anything uttered by President Trump, i.e., statements made by him, or any speeches he makes that are heard by the public, to be harmful to the well being of American citizens.  Thug Nuts will determine what is suitable for the people to hear.”

Madonna and Nasty Woman can be contacted at the Thug Nuts Party headquarters at UC Berkeley. E-Mail: thugnuts@ucberkeley.shh nastywoman@ucberkeley.yuk

Maxine Waters and Madcow on Fracking

Do you think all the fracking in California caused the 5.6-magnitude earthquake that shook Oklahoma?

Representative Waters
We are looking at that as a possible cause.

If it is determined that too much fracking can cause earthquakes, what do you plan to do about it?

Representative Waters
We plan to start a vigorous campaign to promote abstinence throughout the Sate of California. The abstinence campaign will begin in our classrooms, and we will have billboards all across the state.



President Trump, in an effort to help American dairy farmers, wants to renegotiate the NAFTA compact. Canada’s import tariff on American milk makes it unprofitable for Canadian retailers.   An unnamed source is alleging there was collusion between the Obama administration and former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s administration, with Obama agreeing to the milk tariff, in exchange for Harper refusing to cooperate on the XL Pipeline.  The unnamed source suspects Trump will propose a tariff on Canadian milk, unless Trudeau agrees to expedite the XL Pipeline.   Things like Uddergate are hard to believe, even though they go right ‘past your eyes’.

Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Thrown off Show

For the first time in the show’s history, a contestant on Wheel Of Fortune had to be forcibly removed from the set. He got upset because none of his letter purchase requests worked. He started screaming at Vanna and the other contestants, and threatened to slug Sajak. They found out later the man was off his meds; he was being treated for Irritable Vowel Syndrome.

I apologize for this post. I don’t know what came over me, but I did it, and I’m sorry.


Rosie O’Donnell and Amy Schumer In A Food Fight?

You never know what to expect at Michael Moore’s annual food fest, which he calls ‘Scarf and Barf’. The guest list read like a celebrity Who’s Who brochure. Seen gorging themselves were mega stars like Oprah, Aretha, Kirstie Alley, John Goodman, Chris Christie, Rosie O’Donnell, Kathy Bates, Charles Barkley, Amy Schumer, Jorge Garcia, and Carnie Wilson, to mention a few. The ‘graze till you drop’ mentality was definitely on display. All of the celebs were quite congenial, and were enjoying getting together and ‘chewing the fat’, until Rosie O’Donnell and Amy Schumer got into it over the last slab of ribs. Just as Rosie reached for the ribs, Amy shoved her so hard she fell backwards into an empty Rubbermaid trash container. When she got to her feet, the trash container was wedged onto her butt, and as she was trying to wrestle Schumer for some of the ribs, the Rubbermaid container on her butt slammed Michael Moore right in the face. Charles Barkley and Jorge Garcia broke up the fight and shared the rest of the ribs.