G-Vegas-Head-Shot-CopyStand-Up Comedian, G. David Howard received the title, Funniest Man Alive, from the Guinness Book of World Records, for performing 16 hours of straight, non-repeated joke telling.

He is a comedic legend, a world record holding funnyman, a published author, radio show host, singer/songwriter and a hilarious entertainer. For over 40 years G. David Howard has made audiences laugh until their faces hurt, from Las Vegas, Atlantic City to Florida’s west coast comedy scene where he dedicated a large portion of his career and performed at his own private club on Indian Rocks.

G. David is a recently published author of, Half of America Is Nuts, And They Were Allowed To Vote. In this his first collection of personal essays, G. David combines two passionate interests of his, humor and politics, and dives into creatively examining current events in America and the actions of our government.

G. David is one of a kind. A true veteran of comedy.  His material and stand-up routine pushes the funny until it hurts. Sometimes rude, sometimes naughty, but always brilliantly funny.




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