Exodus de Célébrités

This just in
I just received a report that there’s a convoy of #UHaul trucks, with #RollsRoyces and other expensive imports in tow, traveling north on I-87, en route to Montreal.
My source is pretty sure that one of the UHauls is being driven by #WhoopiGoldberg, with #JonStewart riding in the child seat. #AmySchumer is sitting between them with a deep dish pizza and a Big Gulp.
#SamuelLJackson and #AlSharpton are in the second truck, trying to sing “On The Road Again”.  Jackson can sing pretty good, but I don’t think Al can pronounce ‘gypsies’.

#RuthBaderGinsburg reportedly was in the advance party, to take care of Citizenship matters, but when she got to the border, she walked in to the RCMP Headquarters and scared the bejesus out of the Mounties. The Mounties jumped on their horses and high-tailed it. Bader Ginsburg fell asleep in the guardhouse, but they’re afraid to wake her. No one wants to touch her.

It’s believed that #Cher, #MileyCyrus and #Barbra are in the third #UHaul. The’re headed to a compound that Trudeau set up for them called La Maison Sécurisée de Imbécileville sans Trump.



What’s Obama Up To

It might be interesting to find out exactly what Obama’s motives are for his recent National Monument designation in Utah.  It smells bad to me, because I clearly remember Bill Clinton doing the same thing back in 1996.

*September 18, 1996, to be precise – when then President Bill Clinton unilaterally transformed a 1.7-million-acre slice of southern Utah into a new national monument, using his authority under the Antiquities Act. 

The Grand Staircase, the Kaiparowits Plateau, and the Canyons of the Escalante area contained the world’s largest deposit of anthracite coal, the cleanest burning coal, and the mining of that coal was scheduled to begin in a matter of days. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, the mining equipment was already on the property and ready to go, when Bill Clinton, just out of the blue, made the national monument designation.

Having said this was the world’s largest deposit of this most sought after coal, guess where the world’s second largest deposit was; Indonesia, and owned by Indonesian billionaire, James Riady and family, and they were building a massive new coal-fired electric plant for Indonesia called the Paiton project. If you don’t remember this story, you might be asking, “Who the hell is James Riady?”

Well, here you go:
*James Riady was co-president of Arkansas’s Worthen Bank, and had other banking interests in Little Rock, including the First National Bank of Little Rock. The Riadys had bailed Clinton out as governor, when he mismanaged Arkansas’s Teacher’s Retirement Fund. They had rescued him with cash twice on the 1992 campaign trail. They had seemingly bought off Clinton aide Webster Hubbell before he had to seek a deal with Whitewater prosecutors.

You know Clinton was beholden to the Riadys. Almost immediately after the national monument designation, James Riady began to make large, illegal campaign contributions, contributed to Clinton’s legal defense fund, and to the DNC. I’ll shorten my story by telling you that Riady was caught and prosecuted, while Clinton was never charged. See below:


WASHINGTON, D.C. – James Tjahaja Riady will pay a record $8.6 million in criminal fines and plead guilty to a felony charge of conspiring to defraud the United States by unlawfully reimbursing campaign donors with foreign corporate funds in violation of federal election law, the Justice Department’s Campaign Financing Task Force and the United States Attorney in Los Angeles announced today.
You can read the rest of his sentence at this link:

Who else do we know who has a history with Indonesia?  Just sayin’………..

*Some of my fact checking and quotes are from an article by Jack
Cashill of the American Thinker
Here’s their link:


Debbie Reynolds, Great Loss of a Great Gal


When Debbie Reynolds had her namesake hotel and casino, in Las Vegas, back in the 90s, I was living and performing in Las Vegas. At her hotel, on Sunday nights, Debbie hosted a show in her lounge. It wasn’t really a show; it was more of a late night jam session. She would invite certain entertainers and musicians to come in and do a guest spot. I was privileged to be one of Debbie’s invited performers; but you had to be invited, and be on that night’s guest list.

Debbie worked the room with a cordless mike, occasionally going on stage, herself. She would kibbitz with the crowd, tell stories, maybe sing a song, and introduce celebrities in the audience. You never knew what major stars you might see in that lounge. She had, of course, a ton of show biz friends who frequented her hotel.

Debbie personally introduced each performer. She always had that twinkle in her eyes, and exhibited a wry and mischievous sense of humor. If the next performer was a comedian who was known to be of a certain repute, she knew how to prepare the audience for that kind of material. Debbie wasn’t shy about what she was saying, but she knew how to make the audience and the performers comfortable.

She would circulate through the room, taking care of business. And I mean she took care of business; making sure people were being served, etc. One night, she noticed a line of people out the door of the lounge. She looked around and her staff was busy with other customers, so Debbie started physically moving tables in from outside the lounge, dragging chairs in, and seating people. My wife jumped up, drug a couple of chairs over, and said, “Debbie, it looks like you could use some help.” Debbie smiled that sweet smile of hers, gave her a very warm thank you, and Debbie and Dana proceeded to move tables and chairs, together. Debbie Reynolds was hard working, a hands on business lady, and a ton of fun. She was vibrant, yet relaxed and easy. After being around her, all I could ever say was, “Wow, what a gal!” What I wouldn’t give to see her sing “Tammy” one more time. Rest in peace, great lady.


Obama and Trump Trade Barbs


This Just In – Disassociated Press

Obama said, “I would have beaten Trump if I had been the one running.”

Trump said, “Want to bet?” “And he can’t beat me at golf, either!”

Obama said, “Oh yeah? I’ll bet he can’t beat me in a game of one-on-one hoops.”

Trump said, “Tell Obama I’ll arm wrestle him for a copy of his birth certificate.”

Obama said, “He always says that.”

Trump said, “Do not.”

Obama said, “Does too.”

Obama said, “Well, my wife can whip his wife.”

No response from Trump.


The Burden of Being Born White

I have been burdened with the so-called “privilege” of being white, my entire life. When Congress wrote the 1964 Civil Rights Act, white people were completely ignored in that piece of legislation. People don’t look at me for who, or what, I am, they see me as just another ‘white guy’. I’ve even been slurred, and called an “angry white man”. Hate crime laws give little, or no, protection to white-Americans. When applying for employment, especially a government job, applications from white-Americans go right to the bottom of the stack. President Obama and Attorney General Holder never showed any interest in the plight of white-Americans. To add insult to injury, university and college professors are openly shaming ‘melanin challenged’ students, and demanding they confess their guilt, in writing.

There are millions of people who have Caucasia Excusantis Syndrome, AKA White Guilt, and there is no cure in sight. Until a cure, or at least a treatment, is found, the rest of the country will have to abide the inane positions, comments, and ignorant accusations from college professors, and other people who are incapable of rational, or objective, thought. Victims of CES are under the delusion that all people of color are unerring, unflawed people. Since they are convinced that anyone of color is absolutely perfect in every way, and incapable of making a mistake, they believe anyone who criticizes, or finds fault with a person of color, is a racist. For example, CES people believe that the only possible reason anyone could have for disapproving of Obama is the color of his skin.  Caucasia Excusantis Syndrome renders people void of logical thought processes. The NAAWP is expected to offer some training and counseling sessions for victims of CES.
And this just in –
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the new Congressional White Caucus unanimously elected Congressman Al Bino to serve as Chairman during the first sitting of the incoming Congress. The Caucus also elected Representative Ron Towhead to serve as First Vice Chairman, Representative Al Abaster as Second Vice Chairman, Representative Cal Carbonate as Secretary, and Representative Mont Blanc as Whip. Current CWC Chairman Seymour White and Chairman-elect Al Bino released the following statements: “Al Bino will be an outstanding leader,” said Chairman Seymour White. “He has served his constituents with unmatched fervor and has been an outspoken member of the CWC in supporting policies that protect the most vulnerable in our country, the individual. With the challenges facing our nation, the Congressional White Caucus must continue pushing to ensure every American has equal opportunity to achieve their version of the American dream. As we welcome the most diverse Congress in our nation’s history, I am confident that Representative Al Bino and the Executive Board will lead the CWC in the great spirit of our legacy. I also know he will ensure the CWC will play its vital role in the direction of America. “I am honored and humbled to serve as the first Chairman of the new Congressional White Caucus”, said Chairman-elect Al Bino. We will work for the future of all Americans who are pursuing the American Dream.”



Were it not for global warming, the temperature in Wisconsin last night could have dropped to a possible extreme of 90 degrees below zero, but thanks to global warming, the low only reached 24 below, saving thousands of lives. As soon as the Disassociated Press reported that global warming might prove to be a good thing, Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio almost simultaneously checked into Cedars-Sinai Hospital, both of them complaining of having difficulty breathing, chest pains, and acute panic disorder. Gore had already peed himself by the time he arrived at the hospital, and DiCaprio was foaming at the mouth. They were both admitted to the hospital for observation and therapy in the psych ward. Martin Sheen is in the room directly across the hall from DiCaprio. Our reporter could see that Sheen was in a straight jacket, which was making it almost impossible for him to put his teeth back in, so that he could eat lunch. Charlie Sheen came to visit his Dad, and the only thing he said to him was, “Winning!” We believe Martin was trying to say, “No we’re not winning, and we’ve got to stop Trump.” But without his teeth in, it was hard to understand exactly what he was trying to say.


Stupid People United Against Smart People

Inequality the Liberals are always talking about could not be more apparent than the disparity between stupid people and smart people. Stupid people have been complaining about being under represented in the business world. There are plenty of stupid people in the political arena, in the mainstream media, in the Entertainment Industry, and in Academia, but they are not being appointed to corporate boards, and very few hold upper management positions in the business world. I talked with a representative from the American Association of Neurosurgeons, and learned that they have been discriminating against stupid people for years. They don’t have one stupid neurosurgeon, and they brag about it.

The stupid people have formed a group, as an offshoot of all the Hate Trump Groups, called SPUASP (Stupid People United Against Smart People). Research teams have estimated that there may be as many as 45 Million dumbasses in the country, which is of great concern to the DNC. Donna Brazile is fearful that if SPUASP were to get as many as 10 Million Registered Dumbasses, the Stupid Party will pull votes from the Democrat Party, since so many of the dumbasses in the country are registered Democrats. We should have more precise data after the next Census. A new category on the 2020 Census will be: “List the number of dumbasses in your household?”

Stupid people earn about one-third as much as smart people, so the movement is gathering a lot of momentum. The DNC knows that a new STUPID Party will weaken the Democrat Party. Of the estimated 45 million stupid people in the U. S., we know most of them voted for Obama and Clinton in the last three presidential elections. If a substantial percentage of them register with the STUPID party, it will, no doubt, hurt the Democrat Party because the Dems have always been able to count on strong support from stupid voters.

STUPID is currently looking at possible presidential candidates, to head a third party STUPID ticket, in the 2020 election. They have had conversations with Joy Behar, Harry Reid, Whoopi Goldberg, Nancy Pelosi, Jill Stein, Jim Gilmore, Rick Santorum, Elizabeth Warren, Howard Dean, Tim Kaine, Gary Johnson, John Kasich, and Rev. Al Sharpton. Sharpton believes he has the strongest credentials to lead the STUPID Party, although Rep. Hank Johnson from Georgia might beg to differ with the Reverend. In case you have forgotten, Congressman Johnson is the one who asked Admiral Willard, in a House Committee hearing, if putting more troops on Guam might cause the island to tip over and capsize, so he may be more than qualified to head a STUPID ticket.



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