Who Are The Real Racists?

     I believe the ‘real’ #racists are people who cannot make any judgment without skin color being a major consideration.  These are people who are obsessed with race.  They can find #racism everywhere they look, because that’s what they are hunting; racism.  They can hear a racist term that wasn’t actually spoken.  Example.  Years ago, a city of Washington D. C. employee named David Howard (no relation) was asked how he was handling his budget.  He responded by saying that he approached his budget in a niggardly manner. He was forced to resign because the term he used ‘sounded’ like it was racist.  The word niggardly means stingy, or miserly, and was used in absolutely the proper context, but to a race monger, a term simply sounding like, or being similar to, a racist term is unacceptable.

     Today’s race mongers include Al #Sharpton, #Jesse #Jackson, Mayor de Blasio, Eric #Holder and #Barack #Obama to mention a few, by name. And the rest include the sufferers of ‘white guilt’ and the demagogues of ‘white privilege’.

     We’re going to need to use caution with the words we choose.  There are tons of words and phrases, we commonly use, that might land us in front of the PC Police.  

     ‘Spick and Span’ – Meaning sparkling clean, but to a race monger…………………?

     ‘Niggle’ – Means petty, or picky, but OMG………….

     ‘Homo’ – The primate genus of modern man.  You might get slapped by the likes of Ricky Martin or Neil Patrick Harris.

     ‘Dike’ –  Holds back water, but Rosie O’Donnell would have a kitten.

     ‘Lay-Z-Boy’, ‘Black Walnuts’, ‘Blackouts’, ‘Black List’, ‘Pussy Willow’, ‘Yellow Belly’, ‘Blackheads’, ‘Brownies’, ‘Dark Ages’, ‘Dark Horse’, and ‘Boy Scouts’ are just few we’re going to have to monitor.  Just sayin’…………