Where are the Race Police when you need ’em?

If someone on Fox News had said this, heads would have rolled and and everyone in the Democramedia would have herniated.

The interviewer from the Q&A in New York with Recode on Friday mumbled her way through some questions:
What do you think of Corey Booker […] what do you think about him saying ‘kick them in the shins’ essentially, start to get to that political…
Hillary: Well that was Eric Holder.
Interviewer: Oh, Eric Holder, I’m sorry.

Hillary (grinning): I know they all look alike.


Polar Vortex and Red Tide

Soon after the Republican Congress approved licensing for the Polar Vortex, Donald Trump bought controlling interest in the Polar Vortex and leased it to the Russians. We can blame our severe winter weather directly on President Donald J. Trump.

Now we learn that Governor Rick Scott owns the rights to algae bloom, and he’s the one who developed Red Tide. He has successfully spread Red Tide on beaches worldwide. He also developed a biological antidote for the toxin, and if he wins his Senate race, he plans to donate the antidote to the Environmental Protection Agency. If he loses the election he will most likely offer the antidote to the highest bidder.
It won’t come as a surprise if it’s discovered that earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and hurricanes are also caused by evil Republicans.

Help Wanted 

Now hiring sexual assault accusers. Must be able to lie with a straight face and able to feign painful memories and suffering. Some acting experience would be a plus. You will be coached by several Senators and Representatives who are expert liars. We have a team of shysters who will assist with story details, story composition, and script editing. Must be a resident of a state where a Republican candidate is leading in the polls. Only registered Democrats, Socialists, or Marxists need apply. Appear in person at your local Democrat Party headquarters. 
G. David Howard, Fake News Network

Racism is Racism is Racism

To vote AGAINST a candidate because of the color of the candidate’s skin is racist.  Conversely, it is also racist to vote FOR a candidate because of the color of the candidate’s skin.  Ten years ago, because of millions of racist and white guilt votes, the country elected a community organizer to run this country.  A phantom; a man with no past, no experience, and no accomplishments was chosen because of the color of his skin, and it was a terrible mistake, in my opinion.  He divided the country; weakened the military, apologized to the world for America’s sins, bowed to foreign leaders, put his foot on the throat of American business through over regulation, turned a segment of the country against law enforcement, and was, in my opinion, the worst POTUS in history.  Fooled ‘em once.


Because of racism and white guilt, Florida voters are on the verge of being fooled into making that same racist decision.  They may vote FOR a man because of the color of his skin; a Socialist who has announced huge tax increases and a Socialist agenda that will absolutely choke the life out of the state of Florida.


Fool me once……fool me twice……You know how it goes.





Are the Democrats Certifiably Insane?

One of the accepted definitions of insanity, i.e., “Trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different result” has long been attributed to Albert Einstein, however there is no evidence he ever said that. Nonetheless, it is an example of using pure logic to assess a person’s ability to reason.

When applying that definition to the Democrat Party’s move to Socialism, which has failed disastrously over and over again, most recently in Venezuela, a rational thinker would conclude that the Democrats are, in fact, insane. That begs the question; should insane people be allowed to vote in our elections?

They’re actually thinking, “We know what doesn’t work, so let’s do that.”


Senator Soaring Cheekbones claims to have a DNA test.

Elizabeth Warren is on the warpath once again. Senator Soaring Cheekbones is going after President Trump for calling her Pocahontas because she now has DNA evidence that she is 1/1000th Native American. Wahoo! Heyya, heyya, heyya!

She will chair a key committee of medicine men from every tribe at a Powwow in Squaw Valley, where they will discuss impeaching the President for ‘speaking with forked-tongue’. Soaring Cheekbones is proposing a Forked Tongue Law, which would make ‘speaking with forked tongue’ an impeachable offense.

The guest speaker will be U.S. Congresswoman, ‘Murky Waters’, who is an honorary member of the tribe. Other honorary members of Soaring Cheekbones’ tribe; Shaman Schumer, and the winner of the Lying Stiff award, Sidewinder Blumenthal, are also expected to attend the big Powwow.

Soaring Cheekbones is expecting a large turnout because the Medicine Men have been told they are welcome to bring their Squaws and Papooses. Soaring Cheekbones advised all attendees they may need a reservation.

Ocasio-Cortez on Foreign Affairs – (Leaked to an unnamed friend by an anonymous source)

Reporter: Many voters believe President Trump is handling foreign affairs very skillfully. How do you think he is doing on foreign affairs?

Ocasio-Cortez: His wife must be okay with it. I know other couples who say they have an understanding. Hello! I mean you don’t have to be a torpedo scientist; I mean she wears a jacket that says ‘I Really Don’t Care’. Duh!