Trump’s Guilty by Association

The anti Trump folks are always using the old ‘guilt by (pseudo ) association’ attack, which is so sophomoric. People can’t dictate who is allowed to like them.  (I’ve had people who have tried to make me their best friend, without my permission.)  When the ‘guilt by association’ charge doesn’t stick, they will then resort to claiming that this, or that, extremist group must like him because they agree with his philosophy, ideology, or principles, and he will be publicly chastised if he doesn’t denounce a tainted endorsement, immediately.  If the maggot infested endorsement isn’t denounced within an hour after it is made, he’ll still be ruled guilty, even after casting dispersions on the evil endorsing party.   He can say, “No, I do not agree with that group.”  They will say, “Well, you waited too long to say that, so your denial is denied.  Nana nana nana.”

Having said that, and acknowledging how deficient these kinds of childish accusations really are, I am nonetheless compelled to ask the Trump haters if they also apply their unique and captious form of ersatz logic to the fact that Hillary Clinton is being endorsed by such extremists as Black Lives Matter, George Soros, New Black Panthers, Communist Party USA, The Muslim Brotherhood, and an endless host of Socialist and Communist leaning organizations. Is she ‘guilty by association’, as well?  Just sayin’….


My Basket of Deplorables

I was going through my basket of deplorables this morning, and lo and behold, there was a heavy set gal wearing a used Hillary Clinton pantsuit. I could tell it was one of Hillary’s old outfits, because the knees of the pants were badly soiled and worn, from all her falling down.  I asked the gal how she happened to acquire the pantsuit, and she said  she traded her old Blackberry for it on eBay.

I continued to look around the basket and did, in fact, find some really deplorable people, but they were all wearing Hillary Clinton, Feel the Bern, or Occupy Wall Street tee shirts.  There were others there who had not yet achieved deplorable status.  Some were just in the disgraceful stage, and a few that were simply wretched, or dishonorable.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was wondering around, trying to figure out where she fit in.  She was thinking, “I’ve been called wretched, despicable, dishonorable, and disgraceful, which should qualify me for deplorable status.”  

On the other side of the basket, I saw Colin Kaepernick and a few other African-American athletes.   I went over to ask them if they thought they were deplorable, but they said white people were not welcome on their side of the basket, because all white people are prejudiced and narrow minded, and that white people tend to pass judgment on entire groups of people.

I’ll keep sorting through my basket of deplorables and see who else I run in to. I’ll keep you posted.

In the Debate, Hillary Displayed Her Flaws

The first presidential debate of this political season revealed a new Hillary flaw, and reinforced others. Of course, the Donald didn’t look all that good, either.

She demonstrated, once again, that she isn’t capable of telling the truth, and that lying is as natural to her as breathing. One example was when she denied that she ever referred to the Trans-Pacific Partnership as ‘The Gold Standard’ of trade agreements. There’s a ton of video showing her calling TPP the “Gold Standard of trade agreements”. Her words.

She continued to show her ignorance concerning the use of deadly force by law enforcement. She, like Obama and Holder, insists that the police need remedial training. It’s always the cop’s fault, in her judgment. Never once have I heard her suggest that the suspects have the wherewithal to put an end to 99% of police shootings, by simply complying with police instructions. In other words; stop resisting arrest. Problem solved. No need to retrain the police. Retrain the thugs. Duh!

The new flaw, one which she admitted to in the debate, is that she has a bias against people who don’t look like her. She said “we all have a bias”. What’s this “we” stuff? I’m sorry, Hillary, but you don’t have any idea as to how I think, and furthermore, you can’t speak for me. She said it. I’m not making this stuff up.

A Little Tidbit from Last Night’s Debate

9/27/2016 2:04 PM

Hillary said in last night’s debate that trickle down economics doesn’t work. She went on to say, “You don’t grow the economy from the top down; you grow it from the bottom up.”   Really?  She has obviously been listening to the village idiot, Dizzy Lizzie (you didn’t build that) Warren.  Quoting the Village Idiot is like emulating the Town Drunk.

We’ve been trying to grow the economy from the top down, and the Big O, Dizzy Lizzie, and The Wicked Witch of Chappaqua all say we have to grow the economy from the bottom up.  We’ve been doing it backwards for 240 years.  No wonder America has been such a dismal failure.  We haven’t been growing the economy from the bottom up; that’s been the problem! The poor people haven’t been hiring.   The poor people must start hiring.  I think they’re trying, because I saw a guy the other day along side the road, holding a sign that said, “Will hire for food.”  Let’s get this plan in motion.  I want all you minimum wage earners out there to start hiring some people.  That’s why we have an unemployment problem; poor people haven’t been hiring anyone.  So simple, but who knew?

On the serious side, Hilde Beast, since you don’t believe ‘Trickle Down’ works; please take note:

  1. The Reagan years brought annual GDP growth of +3.5%; a 32% bump from the Carter years. Obamanomics has barely rendered GDP growth of 2%.

     2.  Median household income shot up some 10% in the Reagan years. Today, it’s actually lower than when Obama took office.

      3.  Reagan’s net job growth over eight years was 16.1 million (+4.12%). And that was with a much smaller population than today. Under Obama, less than 10 million jobs (+2.23%), with a much larger population.   More people have been added to the food-stamp rolls than the job rolls under Obama.

      4.  Government Revenue in Jimmy Carter’s last year was $517B.  Reagan lowered taxes and the Revenue skyrocketed, immediately.  Government Revenue was $908B in Ronnie’s last year in office.

Different Rules for Hillary

Hillary is getting a step stool behind her lectern for tonight’s debate, so that it won’t look like she’s coming up short against Trump tonight. She has also invited fellow socialist/communist and supporter of Hugo Chavez, Mark Cuban to sit in the front row, in an effort to rattle Trump. Folks, Mark Cuban couldn’t rattle me; much less rattle someone like Trump. Trump got rich by working hard and working smart. I don’t know much about Cuban, but listening to him talk, it appears to me that he might have gotten rich by just being very, very lucky. He’s not the fastest CPU on the motherboard.

In addition to the step stool, Hillary has had a USB port implanted in the back of her skull. The debate commission has agreed to let her staff download a cerebral cortex app, in the event that she short circuits during the debate. She will signal the moderator that she needs a download by tapping on the lectern, much like the MMA fighters do when they ‘tap out’, or by barking, “Arf, arf, arf!” They will allow 60 seconds for the download, during which time, Trump will be permitted to offer a drink of water to Marco Rubio, and snarl at Mark Cuban and say, “You’re fired!”

Experts believe either one of the candidates could win this debate. The debate will be lost by the one who stumbles the most. Vegas is giving 15 – 1 that Hillary won’t blow it.


Political Correctness Run Amok & Multiculturalism Gone Awry

The viewers of Univision are demanding that the debates be longer, in order to give the translators a little more time. They have appealed to Jorge Ramos, their leading anchor, and are demonstrating outside Univision Headquarters, chanting, “Mas debate, mas debate, mas debate ahora!”

In a related story, similar demonstrations are going on in Doha, Qatar, outside the studios of Al Jazeera.  Members of the Muslim community would like to have at least one debate held in an Iwan Mosque, and that’s where the controversy begins; according to Sharia Law, mosque debating is not allowed, however, it’s believed that many of the Emirs and Imams have mosque debated, in the past.  It is also common knowledge that al Jackdhadi, won his position as the leader of ISIS in a mosque debating contest in the city of I bin Phlagen, Turkey.

Hillary Can’t Tell the Truth to Save Her Ass

As I have reported before, Hillary has been diagnosed with Veritatem Delerium Tremores Syndrome, or what the medical people refer to as VDT. People who suffer from VDT are people who have a fear of speaking the truth.   Hillary can function for short little spurts of time, but if she is being sworn under oath, when they get to the part where it says, “…the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, Hillary can have an acute VDT attack.

When Hillary tries to tell the truth, which isn’t very often, she generally has a VDT attack, during which, her sphincter muscle cramps up, causing her to do all kinds of weird things. A sphincter spasm can cause her to bark, shake her head violently, cough, and sometimes it will cause her voice to get very loud and shrill.  It is widely believed that her frequent falls have been caused by sphincter spasms, as well.  The only cure for a VDT attack, according to the experts, is to conjure up a whopper, and tell it as soon as you can, as often as you can.  Lying is instant relief from the sphincter spasm, so when you know damn well that she is lying, remember she is just doing what the doctor ordered.