I’m just trying to stay “woke”. Sticks and stones may break my bones but ‘words’ are an act of war.

Maxine Waters started calling for the impeachment of President Trump the day after his inauguration on the grounds that he existed.  Now, she not only wants him impeached, she thinks he should be exiled, for calling Mika Brzezinski stupid and crazy, and accusing her, of all things, of getting a face lift.  Oh my Gawd, what an egregious thing to say. He couldn’t possibly have said anything more deplorable.  He could have said, “She’s not well.”   He could have accused her of  having dementia, or he could have called her a schmuck, a liar, a goon, a thug, an embarrassment to broadcasting, or mentally unstable; none of that would have been  as abominable as calling her stupid and crazy. And then his appalling reference to the ‘unmentionable’ (gasp) face-lift was over the top.

Maxine, in her words; “that is the straw that broke the camel’s back”.   (Before Max got her new dentures she would have had trouble saying, ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’)  She went on to say, “Women are outraged and fed up with this President.  Impeachment isn’t enough. Should we explore exile?” Then Maxine told the libs to “stay woke”. (“Stay woke” must be some new hip D.C.-speak.)  When asked to what country she would exile the President, she said, “I would send him to Lithium.”




Nancy Pelosi Press Conference

A reporter asked Nancy Pelosi if it was time for her to step aside, as some have suggested. She said, “It’s not about me. The Republicans want my district, the City of St. Francis, which has a beautiful song; The Song of St. Francis, which is our anthem. We sing that song before we caucus. We sing in unison, of course; no solos. After we sing, I do some master legislating and demonstrate my political astuteness; one is one, two is two, and some is some. That is how I show my leadership. I never yell at my gardener even though I like to smell the flowers. Of course, I can only do that when I am in my district, without any debate and without an interpretation of what just happened in the arena.” She concluded by saying, “I hope that answers your question, and demonstrates that I should remain in my leadership role. I hope you feel more like you do now than you did before. Thank you.”


A Blathering Fool Has Her Own Show?

Rachel Maddow, trying to determine the reason for low Democrat turnout in Georgia’s special election, opined that it may have been due to rainy weather. She might be right; it’s common knowledge that Democrats, especially in the south, hate driving in the rain. Republicans, on the other hand, can’t wait for a good downpour so they can go for a spin. This was documented by Republican supporter and singing star Eddie Rabbitt in his giant hit, “I Love A Rainy Night”.

To be fair, many of the Democrats, in that part of Georgia, live on dirt roads, and the fear of getting stuck in that red Georgia clay mud, had to be a factor. Republicans mainly live on paved roads, so they had no problem. I can almost hear Billy Bob sayin’, “Emma Lou, look out there, it’s rainin’ cats and dogs, let’s go vote and then cruise ‘round town.”

One more reason for the Democrat loss. The Georgia Voter Registration Law was designed to keep Democrats from voting. All the forms are written in ‘Republican’, and since most Dems don’t read, write, or speak ‘Republican’, it is extremely difficult for them to register. The signs directing people to the polls were in special ‘Republican Code’; unreadable to Democrats. Elijah Cummings is demanding before the next election, courses in ‘Republican Code’ be offered by local chapters of the NEA, and at local union halls. He also wants Community Colleges to offer RSL (Republican As A Second Language) courses.

Note to Rachel: Explain to your dozens of viewers that rainy weather and unreadable signage doomed your Ossoff.
P. S. Keep up the good work. You crack me up. Yours is the best comedy show on TV.


Simplify the tax code, or get rid of it completely?

I wrote about this in my book, ‘Half of America Is Nuts and They’re Allowed To Vote’, but we are currently being reminded about ‘Income Tax’, through the ranting of politicians talking about “Fair Share”, “Flat Tax”, simplifying the tax code, higher exemptions, and other nonsense.  Behold, the Ides of April looms!  I know, April was not a month in the Roman calendar, but it just seems to fit, doesn’t it?  Alas! Beware the Ides of April!

While President Trump and others are talking about reducing tax rates and simplifying the system, it motivates me to revisit the inaneness of any kind of tax on income. The very idea of an ‘Income Tax’ is absolutely repugnant to me. Not only is it none of the Government’s business how much money someone makes, but to force people to report said income to the government, and then allow the government to take whatever percentage of that income they arbitrarily decide to take, in my opinion, is criminal.  We know that roughly 49% of Americans pay no Federal Income Tax; Zero, Nada!  Now, add to that, the income generated in the underground economy that never gets reported.  A so-called flat tax is not the answer; it would be simpler, but it’s still Income Tax on ‘Reported’ Income.

The solution, my friends, is to abolish Federal Income Tax; repeal the 16th Amendment, and finance our Government with a National Sales Tax. That’s the only way the underground economy will ever get taxed. The underground economy is huge.  I’m not just talking about criminal enterprise, because everyone knows illegal aliens, jihadists, hookers, pimps, hit men, drug dealers, and street thugs don’t file 1040 Forms. I’m talking about people who make an honest living; hard working folks like Mom and Pop business owners, and all the gratuity earning workers; i.e., servers, bartenders, valet parkers, taxi drivers, maitre d’s, touts, etc. The only way their money will ever get taxed is with a tax that’s imposed when it’s spent. I’ve done a little math on this and depending on what is exempted, such as basic necessities, etc., a 10% – 15% National Sales Tax would generate more revenue than the Treasury is currently collecting via Federal Income Tax.

Value-capped exemptions, along with exemptions for the necessities of life, would make NST expense-neutral for low income workers.  And for the ‘rich don’t pay their fair share’ crowd; yes, the rich would pay more!  Happy about that?  They spend more.  Duh!

The infrastructure is already in place to collect NST in all but 5 states. Delaware, Oregon, New Hampshire, Alaska and Montana do not have a state sales tax, so a sales tax collection method would only need to be implemented in those 5 states; after that, we’d be good to go.  Each vendor would collect the NST when they collect their State Sales Tax, remit to their state treasurer, who would then remit the NST portion to Washington.  Imagine; the U.S. Treasury would only have to process 50 checks per month instead of a gazillion. (According to Obama, it would be 57 – 60 checks per month, but once you pass 50, who’s counting?) Just sayin’………..

Putting every dollar earned into the consumers’ pockets would be an immediate and huuuuge stimulus to the economy.

Wouldn’t it be great to never have to save another receipt, or go through the nightmare of trying to fill out forms that even the IRS doesn’t understand?

We could finally call ourselves ‘liberated’. 


The Folly of Hate Crimes

It makes absolutely no sense that the level of punishment, for a crime, should be based on why the perpetrator committed the crime. Is there such a thing as an acceptable reason? Can there be a politically correct murder?  In other words, if a criminal killed someone simply because he was pissed off, or for money, or jealousy, or whatever; the punishment would not be as severe as if he had killed that person because of sexual orientation, religion, race, or ethnicity.

There are more than four groups against whom people might have a bias.  What about an environmentalist shooting a lumberjack? A hate crime?  When the PETA loons attack someone for wearing fur; hate crime? There must be varying degrees of hate. There could be a first degree hate crime, or a second degree hate crime if the perpetrator just detests the victim. That’s it! It would be a ‘detest’ crime.

If a person attacks someone he simply ‘doesn’t like’, that should be a lesser crime. It would be a ‘dislike’ crime, as opposed to a ‘hate’ crime, or a ‘detest’ crime. What about an ‘I didn’t care for him’ crime? That would probably be a misdemeanor. How about a, ‘he just wasn’t my cup of tea’ crime? Community service.

Never attack anyone for the wrong reason. What if someone attacked a Gay African-American Muslim? Would the authorities try to determine whether the attacker hated only one of those groups, or all three? If he hated all three, could he be charged with three hate crimes? There might be an attempt to find out which group the attacker hated the most, on the hate meter. (Is there such a thing as a hate meter? If there isn’t, I’ll bet there will be.) The very idea, in my opinion, is inane. The whole country has gone nuts!