Crazy Fat Kid Running North Korea


The fallout from John McCain’s insensitive remark about Kim Jong-un, calling him a “crazy fat kid”, is growing. McCain is catching hell from both sides of the aisle. Rep. Butterfield, Democrat from N.C and Rep. Farenthold, Republican from TX are both livid. Butterfield is demanding that McCain resign immediately.

Parents of crazy fat kids are also up in arms. One mother said that her son heard about the comment while they were at IHOP, and her son was so upset he couldn’t finish his short stack. That’s when he went crazy. Up until then, her son was just a “fat kid”. Because of Senator McCain’s remark, he’s now a “crazy fat kid”.

Two organizations, Fat Asses of America and Crazy Fat Kids United, joined forces and are scheduling sit-ins at IHOP Restaurants and Dairy Queens from coast to coast.

In the meantime, Kim Jong-un, considers the blasphemy from McCain a Declaration of War. His aides are compiling a list of insults for Mr. un to throw at McCain. It’s expected that Mr. un will launch a barrage of despicable names at McCain within the next 24 hours. A few of the suspected insults were just recently leaked; ‘Hanoi Boy’, ‘Pineapple Face’, and ‘Crash McCain’ have been mentioned. President Trump has asked Dennis Rodman to act as plenipotentiary and conciliator, by appointing him as a special envoy. A spokesperson for Rodman said that Dennis was busy looking up plenipotentiary, conciliator, and envoy, before accepting Trump’s request. Rodman said (through an interpreter), “I want to aks McCain if he realize what he have did.”



Happy Easter 2017

The Heavenly Feet Store, whose Soul Proprietor is Archbishop Philippe Sans Archdesease, will be open for business Easter Sunday, for people who plan to walk in this year’s Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival. It’s gonna be huuuuuge!

Organizers of the parade have asked the Vagina Women not to participate this year; they fear that The Fraternal Order of Penises and Gonads will also enter the parade if the Vagina Women march. Then there are the LGBTQ people who are in the process of having a parade costume designed that will feature a vagina, along with penises and gonads. Their timing is excellent, since Major League Baseball is cranking up and MLB will also be featuring both pitchers and catchers.

The 2017 Easter Parade will be one for the ages:

Eggs and chicks and rabbits and such,
With vaginas and penises and gonads to touch
Oh my, it’s going to be too muckinfutch!

Happy Easter Everyone


Nancy the Genius and Chuck the Schmuck

Nancy the Genius Pelosi said to Chuck the Schmuck Schumer, “I heard that Ashley Judd saw Nazis in the street on Inauguration Day; right here in D.C.   And I think she said something about seeing Hitler, too.  I’m pretty sure Hitler is dead, but maybe it was his son.  These allegations need to be investigated, don’t you agree?”

Chuck the Schmuck said, “Why don’t we wait and see if they institutionalize Ashley Judd, first. She’s very close to being committed.  In the meantime, we can have Homeland Security look at surveillance videos of the area, and check the videos of all the German restaurants in the immediate vicinity.”

Nancy said, “Well there is one more thing, not as serious as the Nazi issue, but it’s rumored that Michael Moore has offered to help Madonna blow up the White House.”  Madonna’s personal assistant said that when Madonna heard the words ‘blow’ and ‘Michael Moore’ in the same sentence, she suffered extreme nausea and threw up in Dennis Rodman’s lap.  Dennis had to change clothes before flying to North Korea for a meeting with Kim Jong-un to discuss Jong-un’s long range ballistic missile program.  Rodman said before leaving the airport, “I don’t know why they’re sending me.  I’ve never seen the program.  I don’t even know what cable channel it’s on.”

Well, it could happen. Just sayin’………………




The 4M Group (Mindless Miserable Militant Misfits)

I warned everyone about the rise of the 4M Group (Mindless Miserable Militant Misfits), in my book, ‘Half of America Is Nuts and They Were Allowed To Vote’, and you can see how active the 4M Group has become.  Members of other groups have joined forces with the 4Ms, making them far more visible.  The Trump Haters and the 4M Group have been holding meetings at The First Church of Blind Faith and Climate Change Tabernacle, where they receive orders from the Supreme Leader of the United Shadow Government, Hussein Obama.  The academic leaders of the militant student group, ‘Closed Minds R Us’, are also allied with the ‘Mindless Miserable Militant Misfits’.  Potentate Algore and Chancellor DiCaprio rule the roost at The First Church of Blind Faith and Climate Change Tabernacle, where they receive their directives from the United Shadow Government by carrier pigeon, taking no chances of being hacked by the Russians or Julian Assange.  The 4M Group raises money selling T-shirts that say “We’re Mindless Miserable Militant Misfits and we’ll scream until you shut up!”

Obama Wants to be First at Everything; First President to be Perp-walked?

Obama was the first person of color to be elected U.S. President and the first President to boast about fundamentally transforming the United States of America. The first President who was, and still is, dedicated to the total destruction of America. He was the first President to purposely, and bitterly, divide the country; white folks are racists, cops are bad, thugs are good, rich people are the reason there are poor people, etc. He was the first President to have total disdain toward the sovereignty of the USA. Moreover, he is also the first outgoing President to set up an organization and staff for the purpose of undermining and toppling his successor. This has never happened, to my knowledge, in modern times; it’s not only criminal, it’s abominable! The man has no class, no character, and no code of ethics. Obama is a thug.

I do not understand why he hasn’t already been charged with felony sedition, insurrection, insurgency, sabotage, and subversive activity. He is trying to undermine, and overthrow, a sitting President! He and his co-conspirators should be arrested and brought to justice.

President Trump is facing a frontal assault from the Obama-led Coalition, and being sabotaged by Obama hold-overs from within. It’s time for the Justice Department to do its job by arresting these folks, and time for Trump to start cleaning house. He should fire all of the Obama supporting bureaucrats (saboteurs) who are still working in his administration; they can’t be trusted. I understand there are some bureaucrats’ jobs that are so protected it would be very difficult to fire them; so can they be given lateral transfers, reassignments, or relocation orders? I would issue new phones, computers, iPads, and laptops to all personnel, and oversee the destruction of the old ones. Cover your ass, Mr. President; you are under attack, sir!