The American Left Favors Illegal Immigrants Over American Citizens

The Demslamatino Party (formerly the Democrat Party) Chair Senor Tomas Perez and Deputy Chair Emir Ahmed Keith al Ellison, have agreed on a new party mascot; it will be a dromedary jackass. The cross-breeding of a camel cow and a jackass will be under the auspices of an expert panel on jackasses called the Jackass Caucus, headed by Al Franken and Al Sharpton, who have nearly as much kinship with jackasses, as does John McCain. Senor Perez and Emir Ellison will be trying to get all illegal immigrants registered to the Demslamatino Party. All of the counterfeit voter credentials the illegals will need for registering are available at the Demslamatino National Committee website.

The Demslamatino Party is dedicated to beginning with the states of Minnesota and Michigan, converting them into Islamic Caliphates, establishing Sharia Courts there, and a separate Madrassa School System. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has agreed to be Superintendant of the Demslamatino Madrassa School of Indoctrination. You can email Debbie at



Maxine Ain’t Right!

According to Maxine Waters, one third of the people in Kentucky, 700 Billion to be exact, will lose their health insurance due to Trumpcare. The other 1.3 Trillion Kentuckians will be covered under Medicare. Kentucky, a state with a population of 50 Million people per square mile has serious infrastructure problems. It can take a year, or more, for a patient to get to their Doctor’s office, even if it’s only 2 or 3 miles away. The drive-thru at a Walgreens in Lexington had a line of cars extending all the way to southern Alabama. The Governor of Kentucky is meeting with Jeff Bezos of Amazon, in an effort to have prescription drugs, groceries, and supplies delivered by drones. The FAA is concerned about the number of drones it will take to service all of Kentucky’s 2 Trillion people. They’re planning to build Drone Traffic Control Towers all over the state.

The Planned Parenthood people have come unglued. Volunteers were trying to deliver free birth control pills and condoms when they were overcome with Hillbilly Fever, which makes men want to run around naked, shouting, “Whoopee, I’m a rooster, cock-a-doodle-do.”

In the meantime, Maxine Waters is worshiping at The First Church of Impeachment and Holy Payola with the Reverend I. R. Rich.


Gasoline Pricing

Why is gasoline still being sold in a currency denomination that doesn’t exist?  When I buy gas for my mower, I go inside and prepay for exactly one gallon, then I just stand there asking for my tenth of a cent change.  Sometimes the attendants get so frustrated, trying to enlighten me; they accidentally start speaking to me in English.

Tort Reform v. Greased Palms

What needs to be done to drive down the cost of health care and health insurance?

1. Free market choices.
2. Make premiums tax deductible.
3. Health care savings accounts.
4. Sell insurance across state lines.
5. TORT REFORM!!! Possibly the most important. An action that would drive down insurance premiums and providers’ (Physicians, hospitals, etc.) fees, but is never proposed. Why not? Because ‘influence’ money from the Trial Lawyers far outweighs common sense, good faith, and honor. The politicians’ palms are so greasy they can’t hold a pen and write “Tort Reform”, much less actually say it. Do the right thing be damned!


Why Liberals Need Safe Space

Liberals won’t listen to opposing views, won’t read opposing points of view, and don’t want to be around anyone who disagrees with them.   As a consequence, they fool themselves into believing there is only one valid point of view.   Just sayin’……………….
Africa has ostriches; we have liberals.   Advantage Africa – ostriches can’t vote.

Where Is The Burden of Proof?

In law, the burden of proof is on the accuser; and in formal debates, the burden of proof has always been on the bearer of the positive. In either case; bring forth evidence and present an argument. Proving a negative isn’t always an absolute impossibility, but it has long been considered impractical, and at the very least, unreasonable.

Having said that, I must ask, “Why is it incumbent on President Trump and his staff to prove that none of them colluded with, or had illicit dealings with the Russian Government, or with anyone who speaks Russian, or with anyone who has ever been to Russia?” Shouldn’t the government be required to come forward with whatever evidence they have and make their case? If they have no evidence, they should shut it down.

I’m glad I’m not part of President Trump’s Administration, because I would definitely be a liability. My gawd, I like Beef Stroganoff, Caviar, and Chicken Kiev. I enjoy Stolichnaya Martinis and Black Russians; plus I’ve seen ‘Doctor Zhivago’ at least four times and ‘From Russia With Love’, two or three times. Maxine Waters would have me castrated; or in bleach, as she wants to do with President Trump.


Transgender Schizophrenic African-American Muslim

A new Second Lieutenant, fresh from the ROTC program at UC Berkeley, is a gay Transgender Schizophrenic African-American Muslim with Attention Deficit Disorder, and he/she has turned the Army upside down. There are no regulations or guidelines in any of the Army Manuals. The troops don’t know how to address Lieutenant Watami; is it “Yes Sir” today, but “Yes Ma’am” tomorrow? The Army Brass decided Lt. Watami should wear a dress, or a skirt, on her ‘woman’ days, but that conflicted with her Islamism.

The Lieutenant appeared before the Army Review Board on two different occasions. Both encounters were fruitless. Lt. Watami was unable to stand at ‘attention’, and couldn’t sit still long enough to answer any of the Board’s questions.

What kind of assignment the Lieutenant will be given is being very carefully considered. The Board must weigh in with CAIR, the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, LGBT, ADDA, NAMI, Ayatollah Keith Ahmed Ellison, Anderson Cooper, and Rachel Maddow.