POTUS immune to DDT?

DDT was used to exterminate pests until it was banned in 1972, but it’s back, with a vengeance, in it’s new form, DDT², i.e., Destroy Donald Trump Team, led by Special Exterminator Robert Mueller.

The new pest, the Scourge of the Swamp, AKA Hillary’s Waterloo, is President Donald J. Trump, who is apparently immune to DDT², because the Special Exterminator and his team of 17 Not-So-Special, or otherwise, Undistinguished Exterminators, including Hillary’s own Calamity Jeannie Rhee, have used up almost all of their DDT power, to no avail.

DDT² is a revival of ‘The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight’.
With all their firepower aimed at the Scourge of the Swamp, the only things they have nailed, so far, are two or three cockroaches, a stray caterpillar, a straw boss, and a couple dozen Russian Oligarchs.

The Special Exterminator is so distraught he looks like a praying mantis with cooties. Oh my, what if the praying mantis mates? 


The Burden of Hate

The Burden of Hate

It pains me to see human suffering, consequently I feel bad for those who are burdened with ‘hate’, especially ‘impassioned hate’. Hate is a mental health issue that causes irrational actions, such as angry thoughtless outbursts, tantrums, and ultimately, acts of violence. Clear thinking is not a characteristic of people consumed with hate.

Hate is a mental encumbrance that prevents the stricken from being able to think objectively, and it has reached pandemic proportions here in the U.S.

So, when you witness hate-filled rants, try to understand these people are troubled, tormented, miserable loons who need help. Don’t “get in their face” as some buffoons have proposed, give them a knowing smile, say “bless your heart”, and move on.

The serendipitous rule: Never argue with, or make fun of, afflicted or downhearted people.


Georgia City eaten

The entire City of Baconton, Georgia has disappeared. It was discovered Tuesday by the Georgia Department of Cities that Baconton, with a population of 915 people, is gone. It appears the City was eaten; simply swallowed up. Detectives have indicated that Stacey Abrams is a person of interest.
G. David Howard, EIC G Spot Spoofs

The felevision commenfators are throwing a tit

What’s all the tuss about a fypo.  After all, the ‘F’ is adjacent to the ‘T’, so it’s an easy misfake to make.  I do that quite otfen.  Uncle Don, who doesn’t know Schiff from Shinola, told me about Trump tweeting about ‘Little Adam Schitt’, and I said, “You gotta be schiffing me!”  Everyone knows Uncle Don is full of Schiff, but it still fickled the Schiff out of me.  I think the tuss they’re making over a silly Tweet is horseschiff.  They don’t know what they’re falking about.  They’re just falkin’ Schiff.

Socialists’ Rising Star

After listening to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez give a long, confused, and exhaustive answer, the reporter asked, “Are you finished?”  Cortez said, “No, I’m Puerto Rican.  I’ve never been to Finland.”  The reporter said, “Why don’t you go to Helsinki?”  To which Cortez bristled and said, “That was rude, hateful, and completely uncalled for.” 

Why no Congressional White Caucus?

Since there is no Congressional White Caucus, the Congressional Black Caucus is forced to debate itself. I don’t like arguing with myself. Sometimes the stupid lobe prevails, making the smart lobe look just as stupid as the stupid lobe. The bottom line is; since the CBC doesn’t have anyone with whom to argue, maybe it should be disbanded. That would be one less group trying to get something exclusively for their tribe, instead of concentrating on what’s best for the ‘American’ Tribe and what’s good for EVERYONE.

It isn’t fair for the other team to get more votes than our team.  

The aftermath from the mid-term elections has proved once again that one team, and it’s the same team every election, refuses to accept defeat.  Calling them sore losers is much too gentle. 

Imagine playing poker with one of these defrauders, and hearing, “Who says a full house beats a flush?  Who made up that rule?  That rule is clearly biased and I refuse to accept it.  A flush should beat a full house.  Don’t tell me it’s always been that way, because I don’t care.   That rule book was printed by a publisher who supports the other party, so don’t even go there.” 

And so it goes and never ends.