President’s News Conference December 19, 2014

President’s News Conference

Dec 19, 2014


I have real trouble listening to this President.  Lies, half-truths, obfuscation and single dimensional arguments are going to be his legacy.  I believe he would tell a lie even if the truth was a better joke. 

Today, he answered questions concerning the Keystone pipeline, the state of Black America, and the need for reforming police practices.

As to his response to a question about the state of Black America, he said that Black Americans are better off now than when he took office.  Black unemployment is up 1.6% since he came into office, black household income is down.  In 2000, 23% of black households were below the poverty level and by 2011 the number jumped to 28%. There are more black families on welfare than ever before. Better off?  Really?

The Keystone pipeline is the subject that jumps out at me.  Obama’s argument is that the oil coming down to the Gulf from Canada will be of little, or no, benefit to America.  In my opinion, that is just flat wrong.  That oil would give us a handsome surplus, which would allow us to compete big time in the global oil market.  Last year The United States imported $240 Billion in oil from OPEC.  If we are going to prevail in our battle with ISIS and other terrorist groups we need to diminish their cash flow. Most of the terrorists’ funding comes from oil.  We could extract the $240B per year that we dump into their coffers, and then aggressively compete with them for market share, globally, thus reducing the terrorists’ cash flow, which would weaken them dramatically. 

His views about how law enforcement interacts with blacks are so one-sided that it’s astonishing that the press lets him get by with it.  Citing the two recent tragedies in Ferguson and Staten Island, he lays it all at the feet of law enforcement, with no mention concerning the actions of the victims.  If the victims had been law abiding citizens, neither of these tragedies would have occurred.  I do believe the police tactical training needs to be addressed and improved upon, but ‘it still takes two to tango’.

Maybe I’m wrong, I’m just sayin’……………….



The Washington, D. C. Olympic Games

Washington D. C. is making a pitch to have the 2024 Olympics in their fair city.  The final decision will be made by the Olympic Committee in 2017, which will give the city seven years to build the required infrastructure.  We know how city governments work, and know the Feds will not be able to simply occupy a spectator’s seat.  No, no.  The Feds will be slobbering and grunting, like a pig that hasn’t eaten for a week, to get control of this massive program.

I’m not sure they can get this done in seven years.  The infighting that will take place trying to get seat on the committee that will award the contracts for construction of stadiums, arenas, the Olympic Village, aquatic stadium, parking lots, etc., will be like ten horny sixty year old guys fighting over one single Viagra pill.  You know that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will be demanding that at least seventy per cent of the contracts be awarded to minority-owned, union construction companies.

The ‘games’ will also be a huge problem.  The Dems have started to examine the lack of diversity on some of the American teams, such as the swim team.  I’m sure there will be more, such as in the Pentathlon and Rowing competitions.

Al ‘The Head’ Sharpton will also be involved in uniform designs.  He has already suggested that the shirts be emblazoned with ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’, or ‘I Can’t Breathe’ slogans.  ‘The Head’ has started lobbying for some new events like Speed Looting and Beat That Cop.  President Obama is looking into adding some new events, as well.  The President has suggested adding The Sequestration Shuffle and The Immigration Relays, along with The Food Stamp Stomp.  John Boehner would like to see a competition much like the old Make Me Laugh TV show, called Make Me Cry.  Governor Rick Perry said three new events should be created: 1) Wall Climbing 2) Swimming The Rio, and………….uh…………uh………..uh.   Nancy Pelosi said she doesn’t know which colleges will be competing in the Olympics, and added that she usually doesn’t get interested until they get to the Final Four.

This will be riveting entertainment.  It should be as good as any Reality Show.  This might be better than the Olympics Games.



Al Sharpton Press Conference

Al Sharpton plans on holding a press conference later today, to discuss his ongoing tax problems.  Leaked reports indicate that he will be claiming that he is being targeted, partly becauase he is a high profile black man, but also because of the disproportionate size of his head, in relation to his body size.  ‘Hippo Epicranium’ has been on the IRS’ radar for the past five years, or so.  Auditors have been told to look into the returns of all highly visible people who have a case of, what IRS calls, “the bighead”; especially black men. Sharpton is pretty sure that he is a victim of ‘Operation Collossal Crania”, which he feels is both racist and humongist.

Hillary For President?

I’m contemplating what a Hillary Clinton Presidency might be like, since she outlined how she thinks we should deal with our enemies.  According to Hillary, we need to respect our enemies and be able to empathize with them.  I suppose she might have a conversation with ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that goes something like this:

Hillary: “Mr. Baghdadi, you are one of the greatest, and most brutal, terrorists of all time and we, in the United States, respect that.  And I was glad to learn that you are paying your Jihadists above minimum wage.” 

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: “I am pleased that you have recognized my abilities, and I hope you understand that our goal is to kill all Americans and Jews.  By the way, you can just call me Al.”

Hillary: “Well, Al, we totally understand your hatred for all non-Muslims, and your need for be-headings and stonings.  These things are part of you storied culture, and we respect that, but do you think we can find some middle ground?  Like putting a mutually agreed upon cap on be-headings, for example?  What if you limit your be-headings to one per month?  Would something like that work for you?”

Baghdadi: “If you would send us one Republican every month, that might work.”

Hillary: “Al, I can certainly empathize with that feeling.  I’ll see what I can do, if you will do me one favor; please tell all of the Americans that have converted to Jihad, and are in Syria fighting for you, the SEIU is willing to accept them as members, and eager to sign them up as members in good standing, and will fund a pension plan for them.  I just wanted you to know that we respect you and fully understand your hatred of America.  We’ll talk again soon.”