“In America, you can be anything you want to be”

That saying is credited, by some, to Abraham Lincoln, but regardless of who coined the phrase, it’s an old saying that has been reiterated millions of times. I believed that to be true, until recently, when I had to start apologizing for being white. Now, I’m told I should feel bad about being a man. Today, I carry the double burden of being a “white-man”.

I’m beginning to see advantages the Transgender folks have, because they can be whatever they feel like they want to be, or are, on any given day, or in any given bathroom.

Since society is respectful of anyone self-identifying as something they don’t appear to be, and seeing as how I want to unload the burden of being a “white-man”, I think I’m going to self-identify as a black woman.  I’ll be able to stop apologizing for being white, rid myself of the shame of being male, and proudly announce, “My life matters”, and say the “N” word without compunction, and with no consequence. I’ll be able to register as a minority-owned business for government contracts, and also be eligible for special government consideration as a woman-owned business. Looks like a win-win for me.



Is This Andrew McCabe Talking?

The next statement from Andrew McCabe might go something like this…………..

“Okay, I didn’t mention my wife received $700,000 from the Clinton’s best friend. So what? I forgot! It’s easy to forget something like that. And sure, I lied about a couple of things. Big deal! Everyone in this town lies. They lie all the time, so why single me out? And heaven forbid I did some leaking. Are you kidding me? This is leak city, for Christ’s sake.”

“I had no choice but to help Hillary, so I covered her butt, and made up the Trump/Russia collusion story in an effort to prevent Trump from being elected, or to get him impeached. He won anyway, so I had to pursue the collusion hoax. That’s the insurance policy I created. We have to get that SOB thrown out, somehow. I can’t stand him!”

“I don’t know why the President has been so opposed to me. My guess would be unadulterated and unacceptable partisan politics! What other reason could he possibly have?”

Multiculturalism and Diversity Are America’s Most Lethal Enemies

Multiculturalism and diversity have spawned a whole slew of tribes. Each tribe demands, lobbies, and fights for special considerations for their tribe in any law, regulation, or piece of legislation. The “what’s in it for my tribe” mentality dominates their every thought. If a law were passed giving every taxpayer an extra $1,000 refund, many of the various tribes would be screaming, “That’s not fair, everyone is getting $1,000, how much more do we get?”

We’ve got the Itsaboutus Tribe, the Sosueme, the Hopiwin, the Nopottopeein, the Imaleech, the Uoweme, the Imashe Tribe, Imamanshe Tribe, the Wynotus Tribe, the Suckeelickees, and the Somadimwhite Tribe, to mention a few.

Early on, the Suckeelickee Tribe was banished to Fire Island, New York. Eventually, they matriculated west to San Francisco, and south to Key West. Today, Suckeelickees can be found just about everywhere in the country. All of the tribes want special treatment for various reasons. Some think their tribe deserves exclusive legislation because they believe someone in their family, whom they never knew, may have been mistreated or abused, years ago. The Imamanshe Tribe doesn’t demand much, other than the right to pee wherever they want. Some tribes want special consideration because certain tribes have things they don’t have, or because they don’t like the way members of other tribes look at them, or the candidate they wanted to win, didn’t win.

Having all these different tribes has created hate like I have never seen, and is totally unproductive. I say, “Consolidate all the tribes into one big tribe called, Citizen of the United States of America.” That’s it, be a CUSA! I’m a CUSA! Are you a CUSA?

I am proud to be a CUSA, are you?

I intend to Trademark CUSA. Have Tee Shirts, Caps, Bumper Stickers, etc. that say – “PROUD CUSA” – or – “CUSA AND PROUD OF IT”. What do you think? I’ll need investors.