Climate Hoaxers look more foolish and more bogus everyday.

France and Germany are experiencing a record heat wave, breaking the old record set in 1947, seventy-two years ago. The climate alarmists are blaming it on global warming.

Recent snow in Colorado is the latest for that area since June 17, 1928, eighty-one years ago! Climate hoaxers say it’s due to climate change, and don’t you dare question that.

The highest temperature ever recorded in North America was 134 degrees F at Death Valley, July 10, 1913, one hundred and six years ago. But the climate hoaxers were around back then, too.

Al Gore’s Grandfather BeauGus Gore claimed the record heat was caused by farm animals’ flatulence and exhausts from Henry Ford’s new contraptions. BeauGus, who invented the Slide Rule, long before his grandson invented the internet, and later the algorithm, calculated that if they didn’t stop cows and pigs from farting, and if they didn’t ban Henry Ford’s contraptions, all the fruit trees and birds would die within 10 years. .

That was in 1913, when BeauGus Gore wrote a play titled “An Inconvenient Toot”, which was performed by actors, dressed in farm animal costumes, cavorting around the stage, farting and belching, while dodging Model T Fords tooting them out of the way. Critics said the play stunk. They gave it two plums down and it was canceled after just two performances.

Folks, there was global warming way back in 1913, and the Climate Hoaxers said, “We have only twelve years to solve this problem or the world will end.” That was 106 years ago.

G. David Howard, Editor G Spot Satire

P.S. The temperature records are not fake, they’re real.


Upcoming Dem debates will be like recess in a nuthouse.

Every Democrat Presidential contender is either a babbling idiot, a complete fool, or certifiably nuts. Not every member of the Democrat party is a fool, an idiot, or mentally deranged; just the ones advocating Socialism, i.e. the ones running for the Democrat Presidential nomination. Only mentally deficient people believe in Socialism.

This just in from G Spot Satire – Joe the parrot strikes again  


“What is your reaction to President Trump calling you sleepy Joe and mentally weak?”

 Sleepy Joe

“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”


“Do you have any fears about the upcoming debates?”

 Sleepy Joe

“As I have always said, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”


“What is your approach to our foreign policy?”

 Sleepy Joe

“Let me be very clear; speak softly and carry a big stick.”


“Do you have a message for the millennials?”

 Sleepy Joe

“Yes, and you can quote me on this.  Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”




Of course he couldn’t exonerate. It’s not his job to exonerate.

Mueller and the DemSocialists turned logical reasoning on its ear.

It’s not the job of Special Counsel to exonerate.  Neither is it the job of Special Counsel to determine innocence or guilt; that’s for the judge and jury.  Special Counsel’s job is to investigate and prosecute.  Mueller’s report indicates that he wasn’t only the investigator and prosecutor; he was also the judge and jury.

The logical course of events in any investigation is to first, determine if a crime has been committed, and then look for the perpetrator.  Mueller did a procedural inversion, defying all logical reasoning; he started with the perpetrator, and then searched for a crime.  He painted himself into a corner.  He was unable to find a crime, even though he knew the name of the perpetrator who would have committed the crime, had there been a crime; nonetheless he was stuck with an inadvertent purposeless perpetrator.   He said, “If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”  I guess the converse could be said, as well, but it’s a benign statement since it’s impossible to prove a negative.  That was just plain dumb.

What’s a prosecutor to do when he has a perpetrator but no crime?  It’s time to mutter a bunch of mumbo jumbo and pass the buck.


The Fourth Estate died more than a decade ago. There are no journalists in the mainstream media, only puppets. We know the names of the puppets and it’s a very long list. The puppets are not only in the media, but in political positions, as well. The list is too long to name them all, but some of the most frequently seen getting their strings pulled are: Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Blumenthal, Maddow, Matthews, Dickinson, Lemon, Tapper, Cuomo, Blitzer, Clapper, Brennan, Scarborough, Behar, Maher, Colbert, Kimmel, et al and ad infinatum.

They are mindless stooges who all get the same memo ordering them to use precise wording, or words, as directed; i.e., talking point(s). Whatever the talking point for the day is; Medicare for all, cover up, impeachable offense, climate crisis, or obstruction, these mindless fools will regurgitate it exactly as instructed. They’re not allowed to use a synonym. They must all say it exactly the same way. They’re either too stupid to realize they’re being laughed at, or they’re blinded by their dogma and just plain oblivious.

They’re coached and obedient to their puppet master, but who is the puppet master? Obama? King Salman of Saudi Arabia? Soros? Xi Jinping?
Just askin’………..
G Spot Satire



The anti border barrier folks argue that we don’t need to secure the border “because 80% of illegal drugs come in through ports of entry”. It’s impossible to arithmetically compute that percentage without knowing the amount of drugs that were NOT detected. Okay, you smarty pants libs, compute this: take the pounds of drugs that are confiscated, and add the pounds that come across our un-walled borders that nobody knows about. Take that total and divide it into the total pounds of drugs confiscated at ports of entry.

Here’s your formula:
Port Drugs + Border Drugs + Phantom Drugs = Total Drugs
Port Drugs ÷ Total Drugs = % Coming through ports of entry

The anti-everything-Trump groups cite statistics in order to establish a narrative that appears to be backed by cold hard facts, and to keep their Democrat Voter Registration Drive alive. The actual stat is: 80% of illegal drugs that are CONFISCATED, come in through ports of entry. Since it’s less likely that drugs smuggled across an unsecured open border will be confiscated, it only makes sense that the percentage of interdiction would be higher at ports of entry.

Here’s what makes the false narrative even more inane; they’re implying that ingress of an unknown quantity of illegal drugs plus human traffickers, terrorists, gang-bangers, and criminals should just be ignored. Really?

The only reason they don’t want a wall is to get more ‘D’ voters. To the Dems, a caravan of migrants crossing our open border is a voter registration drive.