An interview with Rep. Murky Waters in 2018.

Rafael Madcow:  “Representative Waters you plan to impeach President Trump.  What charge will you be bringing?”

Representative Waters:  “He’ll be charged with appointing scumbags.”

Rafael Madcow:  “Representative Waters, with all due respect, appointing a scumbag is not an impeachable offense.”

Representative Waters:  “Well, it should be.  He hasn’t appointed just one scumbag; he has appointed a bunch of scumbags.  We could live with one or two, but a bunch of scumbags is unacceptable.   There should be a cap how many scumbags can hold high positions.”

She went on to say, “In the Congress, each chamber has a four Scumbag limit.  In the Senate, when Flake, Corker, and Franken departed, that opened up scumbag slots, but War Hero Blumenthal, Cryin’ Chuck, Wahoo Warren, and Lyin’ Dianne were still there.  In the House, when Empty Suit Ryan, Che Gutierrez, John ‘No Pants’ Conyers, Playdoh O’Rourke, and Ayatollah Ellison left, it made room for Tsarina Cortezki, Jihadist Omar, and M-Effer Tlaib.  We still have ‘Gonad’ Nadler and ‘Snake Eyes’ Schiff but they can’t step down; nothing’s lower than scumbag.”





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