‘SOMETHING’ is causing a lot of rancor

‘SOMETHING’ used to be a benign, non-descript, non-specific word and ‘SOME’ has always been indeterminate, unspecified, and innocuous.  Not any more.  Jihadist Ilhan Omar said, “SOME people did SOMETHING”, in describing what happened on 9-11, but she failed to add, “Don’t quote me on that.” 

President Trump later tweeted SOMETHING which was a verbatim quote of Jihadist Omar’s statement.  Now, according to the Queen of Happy Hour, the Bronx Einstein, Trump’s Tweet is endangering the life of Jihadist Omar.  Please note; it’s Trump’s Tweet, not what Jihadist Omar said, but Trump’s Tweet that has made people angry at Omar.   It is of no consequence that the media reported what she said, because they know how to quote a quote.  Trump doesn’t give good quote. 

Now isn’t that something?


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