STUPID PEOPLE UNITE (Srupid Populum Jonjungit)  

Professor Lefty Numbnutz, strategist for the Democrat Communist Party, outlined a new scheme; since his Russia- Collusion hoax failed, they must label Trump a ‘racist’.

Professor Numbnutz is a busy guy. In addition to being the top strategist for the Communists, Lefty also serves as advisor to most of the major ‘news’ organizations, sits on the governing boards of many elite colleges and universities, and counsels the Communists as to which ‘useful idiot’ students they should nominate for Rhodes Scholarships.

His main focus is to make sure all the Communists, i.e., Democrat/Socialists, talking heads at the major networks, and the commies in academia all have identical ‘talking points’. Since ‘collusion’ failed, they’re desperate to now label Trump a ‘racist’ and a ‘white nationalist’. Professor Numbnutz said these two labels must be used to describe Trump every time his name is mentioned, even though he has never taken any action that could be considered a racist act. Communists believe Nazi Joseph Goebbels was right when he said, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”; a propaganda method used by Communists Lenin and Marx, and implemented today by the media, Hollywood fools, and other spokespersons for the Democrat Communists.

Tune them in and listen to the puppets.  Stupid people have united.

P.S. I’m sure stupid people and most dumbasses will have an issue with this post.
G Spot Satire




Rep. Maxine Waters challenged bank executives, during a Wednesday morning hearing, about the student loan crisis.

The CHAIRWOMAN of the committee that oversees student loans was ignorant of the fact that student loans were nationalized in 2010, taking banks out of the equation. Really? And she’s in charge of that committee? Oh my, that’s about as smart as putting Dan Quayle in charge of a spelling bee.

That’s right! The ‘HEAD HONCHO’ of the House Financial Services Committee thought the bank executives had some ‘splaining to do. Well, they did. They ‘splained to the boss lady that they aren’t in the student loan business and haven’t been for more than a decade.

Maxine’s got some catchin’ up to do.