A psychological disorder, such as insanity, can be caused by pain, extreme biases, excessive crying, and the shock of an unexpected outcome, to mention a few causes. When suffering the pain of losing, many people become topdogaphobes, developing a deep hatred of the victor.

Topdogaphobia can cause people to go completely insane. The proof of acute mental disorders can be seen in former Democrats, who have become Socialists and believe it would be a good idea to convert to an ideology that has always failed. Hence, the definition of insanity; ‘trying the same thing over again, expecting a different result’.

Just listen to them. Playdoh O’Dork, Senator Wahoo, Spartacus, the Bronx Einstein, Pothead Harris, Plugs Biden, and Loonie Bernie, et al. Half the country is nuts, so the Socialists will be pandering to their fellow wackos. Nobody knows exactly how many nut jobs or registered wackos there are. Polling is almost impossible because most of these fruitcakes won’t admit they’re wackos, and they don’t want to be identified as stupid.

Conservatives beware: We may be outnumbered by Wackos and Dumbasses; the Socialists’ base.
G Spot Satire


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