Einstein’s New Theory of Negativity

The Bronx Einstein, best known for her Theory of Naivety (N=aoc²), has introduced her new Theory of Negativity (N=aoc³), which she believes is the main reason Republicans don’t like her.   She thinks Republicans are negative about everything.   What she doesn’t understand is that we’re only negative toward things we know are bad for us.

Hello Einstein, anybody home?  Republicans don’t like you because you’re a danger to the country and an unrelenting moron that won’t shut up.  Stupid people should be quiet and listen.  If you shut up and listen, you might learn a little something.   You run your mouth so much there’s not enough air to allow your ears, or your brain, to function.   You, my dear, are a SHIT, id est, a Sanctimonious Hedonistic Imperious Thug.  Take a breath for crissakes!  You’re starting to get on people’s nerves.