Einstein’s Theory of Naivety (N=aoc²)

The Bronx Einstein, best known for her Theory of Naivety (N=aoc²), has progressed from Climate Change Hoaxee to Climate Change Hoaxer.

Some of the Climate Change Evangelists are perpetrators of the hoax, which is a socialist ploy to establish government control over EVERYTHING. The perpetrators of the climate change hoax are also active Hoaxers, conning those who won’t take the time to research the subject into accepting the Gospel of Anthropogenic Climate Change. I call these folks, Hoaxees. Eventually, many of the most naïve Hoaxees become Hoaxers. Hence, the Bronx Einstein, using her Theory of Naivety (N=aoc²), is preaching the Green New Deal Sermon. She will be anointed next week as Right Reverend Alexandria in the First Church of Blind Faith in Climate Change, with Brother Spartacus and Sister Kirsten officiating.
G Spot Satire


Russia Collusion Addicts are having withdrawals

MSNBC outfitted a safe room where Rafael Madcow, Spittle Spewing Matthews, and Morning Joke throw darts at pictures of Donald Trump and set fire to MAGA hats.  Mika Brzezinski is not allowed in the safe room.  She is considered armed and dangerous, and in stage 4 of TDS. 

At CNN, Don Lemon was found curled up behind his desk in a fetal position, sucking his thumb and clutching a copy of ‘Impeachment for Dummies’ and a photo of Jussie Smollett.

Meanwhile, back at the Capitol Building, counselors have been brought in to console Murky Waters and to assure Adam Schiff there may be some people who believe him.  The counselors wanted to talk to Little Dickie Durbin and Jerry Nadler, but they weren’t in their high chairs, so the counselors weren’t able to find them.

G Spot Satire