Alexandria Casio-Cortez, the new face of the Democrat Party, represents the 14th Congressional District of New York, which includes the 5th Psychiatric Ward of the Bronx.  She was confined to the Psychiatric Ward after she was Baker-acted by family and close friends.  Even though she had been diagnosed as legally insane, the hospital administrator decided she could be released if she would agree to run for Congress on the Democrat ticket.  The administrator reasoned that serving with Democrats in the House of Representatives wouldn’t be much of a sociological change from her experience in the Psychiatric Ward.  Same wackos, different institutions.

Now, Cortez and her fellow Democrat Socialist inmate nut-jobs want to help illegals seek asylum, while trying to remain free from asylum, themselves.

G Spot Satire



Murky Waters: “It’s an insult and unacceptable for the AG to give us a 4 page letter explaining the Mueller Report. We want to see the entire report. All 4,000 pages of it.”

Reporter: “AG Barr said the report is less than 400 pages, and he will deliver it to congress within a couple of weeks.”

Murky Waters: We’re going to subpoena the report. We demand to see all 4,000 pages. What’s in the report the AG doesn’t want us to see?”

Reporter: “According to AG Barr, you will have all 400 pages of the Mueller report within a few days.”

Murky: “What is the AG hiding? Why is he refusing to give us the report? We won’t let him get away with this. Isn’t he aware that we can subpoena the report?”

Reporter: “The AG is prepared to supply the report by April 15th.”

Murky: “See what I mean? This is a cover up, and all the more reason this President should be impeached.”
G Spot Satire