It’s all Russia’s fault

#TheHill cited a report in the #Russian government-operated RIA Novosti as saying they have a weapon called the ‘Filin’ that fires a beam resembling a strobe light. The weapon causes hallucinations and vomiting.

I learned from an anonymous source, which will not be named, that several prominent Americans might have been exposed to ‘Filin’. This could go a long way in explaining the irrational behavior of people like #RobertMueller#HillaryClinton
#MaxineWaters#NancyPelosi, a host of deep state #Obama left-overs, and many others afflicted with #TDS. ‘Filin’ may explain why the very mention of Trump’s name makes the #Hollywood pretenders and the mainstream media folks nearly ‘throw up’. All this time they thought it was #Trump who was making them sick.
G Spot Satire


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