Trump Haters Anonymous Meeting

I infiltrated a Trump Haters Anonymous meeting last week to find out if they are really trying to get over the result of the 2016 election and put it behind them.

One lady stood up, trembling as she spoke, and said, “I’m Looney and I’m a Trump-hater.” She had the support of the entire group, supposedly trying to regain mental stability, but it seemed to be more like a group effort to justify their hatred; especially when they broke into their chant: “MAWATOMO”, “MAWATOMO”, “MAWATOMO”. I asked one of the members, “What is MAWATOMO?” He said, “Oh that stands for ‘Make America Weak Again Throw Orange Man Out’!”

A fellow named Stu Pidd confided, “I’ve been coming to THA meetings for several months, and I still hate Trump.”

These people aren’t trying to stop hating Trump. They are instead, continuing to try to overturn the election. They’re so distraught they can’t speak without shaking, crying, or wetting themselves.

There was a student from UC Berkeley, M. Becile, sobbing as he spoke, with his face buried in his hands, saying, “I can’t stand to read about all the jobs that have been created since this loser took office; and the low unemployment numbers make me want to puke. Then, I see wages are going up for the first time in 18 years? Yuck! The economy is the best it has ever been and manufacturing jobs are coming back. That SOB is killing us. Now, for the first time in history, North Korea is willing to come to the table and ISIS lost their caliphate! This is all terrible news. I can’t take much more.”

The leader of this chapter of THA, Lou Zerr, tried to console M. Becile, by telling him, “We must keep a positive attitude, and hope the stock market crashes, putting the country into a deep depression, with millions of people unemployed, bread and soup lines everywhere you look, people losing their homes, and having their cars repossessed. At least we still have open border areas, and we must make sure there is no new border fence and thousands of illegal immigrants, terrorists, and MS-13 members will storm our southern border, creating total chaos. We have to hope for the misery index to reach an all-time high and with Pelosi and Schumer resisting Trump, we might be able to get rid of the SOB.”

With that inspiring speech, the entire group came to their feet, chanting, in unison, “MAWATOMO, MAWATOMO, MAWATOMO”
G Spot Satire



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