(Satire) The reasons Pelosi opposes a physical barrier (fence)

REPORTER:  “Representative Pelosi, why are you so stubbornly opposed to a physical barrier on our southern border?”

PELOSI:  “Because a physical barrier isn’t necessary.”

REPORTER:  “Border agents who have to deal with this crisis every day say it is necessary and they need it badly.”

PELOSI:  “Well …. physical barriers are ineffective.”

REPORTER:  “Physical barriers have proven to be the most effective means of controlling our border.  In areas where we already have physical barriers illegal immigration and drug trafficking have been reduced by more than 90%.  Since a physical barrier is time tested and proven to be an effective and necessary means of securing our border and making Americans safer, why are you still opposing it?”

(Now, the REAL reason)

PELOSI:  “Because I hate Donald Trump.  I would rather have an open border and put Americans at risk than to let Donald Trump have a victory.”


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