“A lie repeated often enough becomes accepted truth.” 

“A lie repeated often enough becomes accepted truth.”
This axiom has been attributed to Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Goebbels, and Adolph Hitler; all were experts in propaganda, an essential element in political discord. The Democrat Socialists, the Media, and other TV talking heads have mastered the use of LIES and propaganda. They’re in such rigid lockstep they speak as one voice, all regurgitating the same exact verbiage as if they’re reading the same teleprompter.

It was decided a couple of years ago to label Trump a racist, knowing that if repeated often enough it would take root ; especially with the unthinking folks who parrot what they hear on liberal TV. The puppet masters knew once the LIE was accepted as truth, Trump’s supporters would be considered racists, as well.

Believing the ‘racist LIE’ is like crack to a person with Trump Derangement Syndrome. TDS is a serious mental disorder and we’re witnessing its wrath every day. The most recent examples of accute TDS are what happened in Covington, Kentucky and Nancy Pelosi’s unprecedented refusal to let the President of the United States deliver the traditional SOTU message.



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